T-Mobile phone found in 19 feet of water at Perry Lake near Topeka

Diver Evan Thezan recovered Karrigan Coan's cell phone case containing her cellphone, driver's license and credit cards seven days after she accidentally dropped it in 19 feet of water at Perry Lake, northeast of Topeka.

For seven days, the case holding Karrigan Coan’s cellphone, driver’s license and credit cards sat beneath 19 feet of water at the bottom of Perry Lake’s Rock Creek Marina, northeast of Topeka.

The Topeka woman spent the last $ 100 she had in cash to hire a diver, who wasn’t able to find the items. She thought she’d never see them again.

But another diver, Evan Thezan, searched free of charge and found everything after only two minutes in the water on Saturday, Coan said.

Thezan saw the situation as a chance to “pay it forward” to help someone in need, he told The Capital-Journal on Wednesday.

“Now I hope to do the same for him or someone else one day,” Coan said. “It brings joy for me to help out others any time I can. I can only imagine how he felt that day.”

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