You won’t want to get out of bed with this Aldi duvet

nórdico de Aldi que todos quieren

if you’re thinking about Refresh your bedroom this fall without spending a lot of money lucky you german supermarket chain Took launched duvet and pillow covers For a double bed at an incredible price. Although the best feeling at this time of year is to stay in a warm bed surrounded. quilts Compacts and comfortable sheets, chain to start the day right Took Achieving that is this season’s greatest ally.

this duvet or comforter They have already become a preferred option instead of quilts or blankets. They are light, breathable, keep the body at a constant temperature, and also very practical and easy to put to bed every day.. These new products you sell Took really? Made of 100% cottonand they’re having huge sales success these first weeks of autumn.

Aldi duvet with pillowcases perfect for double beds

this duvet Launched in Aldi’s new catalog this season It is ideal for double beds, so it measures 240 x 220 cm. Pillow covers measure 50 x 70 cm. Both items have zipper closure and open your eyes wide, the whole set cost 29.99 €. It’s a bargain. from the Novitesse brand, they available in different models and colors: gray, black, blue, yellow and green.

Novitesse aldi linens gray
Novitesse aldi linens gray

In this way, you can choose the color you like best or the color that best suits your style, taste, walls or other furniture in your room. about this core products in all houses at this time of year, because It offers very good results as it is made of soft, durable and durable materials..

How to choose the best comforter for your bed

this low temperature It won’t take long for them to arrive and with them comes a wardrobe change and as we said before, a change of linens. As soon as the cold comes, one of the classics of many homes is to take the duvet cover straight out of the closet.. However, people who have not yet done with one but they are thinking of buying it, they may have doubts and it is very normal for them to ask themselves the following question: The most suitable for me for my quilt, duck or goose down or synthetic?

Nordic novitesse Aldi with mustard

As with everything, the selection and composition of bedding It will depend on several factors to consider.And of course the economic one. It’s the same for all of us, whether it’s bedding, mattresses, the clothes we wear, even sports or food. Focusing on Scandinavian textiles main Features from each other are:

  • Down or natural feather. The first thing is to make it clear that Down or down comforter is not the same. It will also make a difference whether it is hairy or hairy. duck or Goose. Down feathers are much softer and lighter than feathers. breathable Y warm. Much better in quality Marker as they are more insulating and lighter (especially goose down) and The production process is very laborious.or so it will also affect the price.

It is important to keep in mind that being breathable softens the feathers. ideal for sleeping warm without sweating. You should also know that the duvet cover cannot be washed in the washing machine, you should take it to the dry cleaner or a special place, because if we wet it, the feathers will become caked and spoiled. In addition, because it consists of a 100% natural product, feathers has a limited lifespan.

  • Synthetic fiber. A priori, although they may look worse than down duvets, synthetic fiber duvets have other qualities that natural duvets can’t compete with, such as: the price -they are much cheaper-, the fact that they are hypoallergenic or their filling is not cakey. They are also machine washable and very resistant to ambient humidity. They ultimately a much longer life more comfortable than natural goose down and more comfortable when washing and storing from one year to the next.

girl sleeping with nordic

However, it should be taken into account that can breathe less And if you sweat a lot at night, it may be better to act natural. While it is true that down usually gives the best results, take a good look at your needs and in the end you choose the option that works best for you, depending on whether you have allergies or not, if you often sweat a lot at night, prefer a lighter blanket over one that may be a little heavier, or whether you have allergies. lazy enough not to have to go to dye instead of throwing the quilt straight into the washing machine before putting it in the closet.

What is the difference between comforter and duvet?

Their main difference is that a quilt is a stand-alone garment that acts as a warm garment that complements sheets and even blankets, while a duvet cover usually consists of three pieces (bottom sheet, duvet cover and pillowcase). ).

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