Training: PSG / Benfica (2-3, Youth League), Eagles take revenge

Training: PSG / Benfica (2-3, Youth League), Eagles take revenge

PSG challenged Benfica Lisbon in the Youth League this Wednesday (14:00) and the Portuguese won 3-2 at Camp des Loges. The Parisians quickly opened the game through Housni (3rd), who also scored late in the game (86th), but Lisboètes largely dominated the game overall, leading 3-1 at halftime. The Parisians dominated most areas and lost in the Youth League for the first time this season.


PSG U19’s composition against Benfica: Mouquet – Lamy, El Hannach © (Mbappé, 81st), Fernandez Veliz – Zague, Kari, Bagbema (Mukelenge, 63rd), Wa Mungu – Lemina (Bensoula, 81st), Housni, Tchicamboud (Diawara, 40th)

Benfica U19’s composition against PSG: Gomes – Tomé, Jevsenak, Coser, Spencer – Neves, Felix (Noudr, 84.), Ferreira – Moreira, Semedo (Dju, 84), Felix

Game page:

Goals: Housni (1-0, 3rd, assist from Lemina), Semedo (1-1, 14th), Moreira (1-2, 39th), Semedo (1-3, 45.+1, penalty), Housni (86th, assist Kari)

warnings: Tomé (31st, hurdle at Tchicamboud), Lemina (66th, late intervention), Muntu Wa Mungu (72nd, hurdle)

The game :

PSG starts and Benfica presses, successfully recovers a ball and is centred, striker heads but does not aim (2nd). But it was Paris that opened the goal: Kari saved a ball in his camp and brought it back meters, passed to Lemina, who was passing with a line from the right wing, Housni was there to collect, dribbled the goalkeeper and the score (1-0, 3)! It’s an excellent start for PSG, who can now let the Portuguese come and go against them. PSG is a little scared of an action cut by Fernandez-Veliz but it starts again (6th).

Paris entered the game very well and tried to practice the ball, forcing the opponent’s mistakes (10th). Moreira manages to take a striking position, but Mouquet calmly catches it (13′). Benfica finally equalized in the following move: A Parisian raise is countered, ending with a cross from Moreira’s left, and Semedo sends an excellent header into the upper corner (1-1, 14th). Lisboètes continues to accelerate and attack the next (15th). With Mouquet’s missed pass, the SLB offered a very good opportunity in the region, but Neves shot off a very good position (17th). Mourquet still misses a raise but his defense is watching (18th).

Paris is suffering, but Muntu Wa Mungu makes a life-saving intervention in the middle of the field to repel the danger (ranked 19). Benfica also shoots from a distance and Mouquet lies well to turn the corner (23rd). Missing her debut, she shines less in the second, but Neves’s head is in line (24th). PSG cornered in front of its surface, unable to build and Benfica chain strikes and corners. Paris comes out at the end, but Housni in the region is offside (28th). The game is rebalanced and Lemina is located in the region, but it is taken back (32nd). Benfica is also dangerous in a long ball that Semedo takes over but Mouquet is following (37th).

Benfica finally gains the advantage on Moreira’s big breakthrough from the right, hits, is pushed back by Mouquet, but is there to continue (1-2, 39th). Afterwards, Tchicamboud is replaced by Diawara, which looks like a penalty change (40th). Muntu Wa Mungu attacks from the left wing and tries to find Housni in a perfect position, but a defender comes back and blocks him (43rd). In the last move before halftime, El Hannach was overwhelmed by crossing Semedo, Lamy made a slight mistake in the area, penalty (45th)! Semedo runs and hits, Mouquet deviates before he can knock back (1-3, 45. + 1). At halftime, the score is heavy but makes sense given the match, Benfica largely dominated the debate.

At Camp des Loges, the game remained unchanged. With a nice scoop from Lemina, Housni challenges the goalkeeper and shoots but wins the goalkeeper duel (48th)! A nice leap from Fernandez Veliz, the goalkeeper is still there to welcome Housni far (49th) from his goal. Zague attacks well on the right but catches the middle (54th). With a perfect cross, Semedo even approaches 4-1 but misses the ball a little (59th). At the hour mark, Camara made a second substitution to shake up their struggling team (64th). The effect is not as expected and SLB is approaching 4-1 on an off-center free kick (67th).

A good ball from Lemina sinks Zague but misses the final touch in front of the goalkeeper (70th). Again with a badly resurrected ball, Lamy managed to make a very good return to the field (74th). Paris tries to get back on the score, but the certainty isn’t there with Zague’s miss (80th). PSG is leading 4-3-3 but still dominated by Benfica (83rd). PSG narrows the gap: Kari saves the ball, hits it and gives it to Housni, who puts the ball in front of the goalkeeper (2-3, 86.)!

Paris pushes for a draw and Muntu centers Bensoula (87th) on the left rebound up. However, Benfica is very dangerous in a corner where it is ejected, while Mouquet relaxes very well as he dodges Noudr (89th). The end of the match was difficult for both sides but Mbappé gave a good ball to Housni (91′) who failed to continue. A good middle (92nd) in the process, passing the entire defense undefeated. The SLB ends by changing the clock twice to break the rhythm (93rd). Bensoula hits a drag ball, but the Benfica goalkeeper relaxes but is offside (95th).

pre game:

2 pm Before the kick-off, the two teams pose together.

13:45: Final arrangements for Zoumana Camara’s troops

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