The legend that Victor Wembanyama worked with!

Le top-prospect français Victor Wembanyama pourrait provoquer à lui seul un énorme mouvement de masse en NBA

Victor Wembanyama aims to secure a great career in the NBA and is not afraid to stand shoulder to shoulder with the greatest to capitalize on his experience. He trained especially with the personal trainer of a European legend known throughout the league.

In the coming months, he will show his skills in France and Europe and still play for the Metropolitans 92. But Victor Wembanyama is already highly anticipated in the NBA after posting an absolutely spectacular show in his two games against Team Ignite. Whether it’s points, defense or just crazy shots, the French center has brightened the eyes of the US public, who already want more.

Of course, there are still some doubts about the Boulogne-Levallois player. On the one hand, the opposition should be put into perspective as it is only one G League team. On the other hand, his physique is as intriguing as it worries, the boy is very thin despite 2m21. And since he already had to deal with injuries at ASVEL last year… However, ESPN There was some very encouraging news to share:

NBA executives watched Wembanyama go through long, rigorous stretching, flexibility, and metabolism-boosting sessions before, after, and during games in Las Vegas. The seriousness in his approach to these sessions should reassure them that he can avoid the disastrous foot, back and knee injuries suffered by other giants of his kind in the past.

Wembanyama works with Dirk Nowitzki’s coach

Obviously, Wembz already has a well-established program to prevent possible physical glitches. If he proves himself in the coming months, this will be valuable information for the franchise that will draft him. Also, the young man had the opportunity to broaden his horizons. always by ESPNso he started working with a famous trainer, and the expectations are enough to make the observers drool a little more:

After working with Holger Geschwindner, Dirk Nowitzki’s longtime trainer, Wembanyama was encouraged to give up a heavy weightlifting routine and allow his body to grow naturally, giving NBA teams and performance and sports science doctors an almost blank slate to work on.

As a reminder, Geschwindner is pretty simple at the origin of the German giant’s legendary shot, just that. A follower of highly original training techniques based on dance and even the saxophone, the coach is respected throughout the NBA, and it’s good news that V is in close contact with him. Because he already has very solid shooting fundamentals, he can maximize the potential for fusion between his technical palette and his oversized body. It makes goosebumps.

Once we know what Holger Geschwinder has managed to do with Dirk Nowitzki, we’ll already be speechless about what Victor Wembanyama can show on the American courts in 2023-24. Try to imagine the French with shots of the legend of the Mavs, incomprehensible.

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