Sébastien Haller talks about his daily battle against cancer

Sébastien Haller talks about his daily battle against cancer

Sébastien Haller gave an unpublished account of his final months, when he was and still is battling a tumor in his testicles. The Ivorian striker from Borussia Dortmund told UEFA how he learned the news and has been fighting to end the illness ever since.

Sébastien Haller, who started the summer happily with his national title with Ajax and his subsequent transfer to Borussia Dortmund, then received a blow to the head and “everything stopped overnight”. Then, at the end of May, everything went very quickly, according to the person who first felt the pain during the gathering of his choice.

“As I recall, it started with a pain in my stomach while traveling with the Ivorian team on May 31st. I took medicine for three or four days and it disappeared as stated in a text published on the Ivorian striker site. UEFA. But soon after I started to feel like I had the flu, so I spent all my time in the national team feeling bad.”

Tumor suddenly diagnosed after an MRI

Sébastien Haller, cared for by BVB medical staff during the summer break, finally had a CT scan followed by an MRI to understand why he had been in so much pain for several weeks.

“I was told there was a tumor right after the MRI, but it was not yet clear whether it was benign or malignant,” said Sébastien Haller. said. He did the Scan in seconds to confirm it was a tumor, he placed it on my testicles and we made a definitive diagnosis and then everything happened very quickly: what kind of tumor it was, how big it was, if there was any metastasis it had spread to other places – which it did. After that, it was necessary to start treatment, organize the operation, inform people – there was a lot to think about in the early days.”

“The Four Stages of Chemotherapy”

Sébastien Haller finds himself out of the field for several months after having to undergo a chemotherapy-based treatment to cure his tumor. But the striker of Borussia Dortmund and Ivorian Elephants is still trying to get positive results from this event. Surrounded by loved ones, face-to-face, he is already considering his return to training and competition. And, according to him, he can quickly replay if he doesn’t need surgery to remove the tumor.

“I spend five days in a row at the hospital I am attached to 24/7, I can’t get out of bed while the treatment is injected into my body. Then I rest for two weeks. This is phase. 1 and I have to do this four times. Four chemotherapy phases, each lasting about three weeks, I can’t get out of bed while the treatment is injected into my body. “He explained it again. After that, depending on the evolution and spread of my cancer, I may need to have surgery. There are a lot of people asking when I’ll be back, but there are so many things to consider, so it’s hard to give them a clear answer.”

To point out a possible reversal in the absence of surgery: “Three weeks after the last stage, checks are made at what stage the metastasis is and whether you need surgery. I don’t need surgery, depending on the way I train, I like to think I’ll be fine at the end of these three weeks.” A beautiful message of hope delivered by Sébastien Haller.

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