PSG draw with Benfica despite Mbappe’s goal

PSG draw with Benfica despite Mbappe's goal

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PSG drew at home with Benfica Lisbon on Tuesday and postponed their Champions League qualifying rounds (1-1).

The inevitable Mbappe. After reviving the game ahead with rumors buzzing in the French press about the French genius’s aspirations elsewhere, the French prodigy believed he would lead PSG to victory over Benfica on Tuesday (11 October). Again, An equalizer from João Mario deprived Paris Early qualifying for the Champions League qualifying rounds (1-1).

In the afternoon, several media circulated the thesis of the player’s sluggishness, however, a sign that Mbappé’s entourage might want to throw a stone into the pond by leaking the player’s ras-le-bol to the media. on theme: if this continues, i’m leaving. would be particularly unhappy From his current position at PSG.

PSG football advisor Luis Campos, who is known to be close to the player, quickly tried to resolve the growing controversy before kick-off: “I’m with Kylian Mbappé every day, he never talked about breaking up with me in January. The player’s statement, this information (from the press) and such information before a match like this. It’s very serious to have,” said the Portuguese, pointing to instability.

Kylian Mbappe as Leader

Undecided, “Kyky” did not appear on the field. If PSG pushed well in the early moments, the fault of Benfica’s physical and aggressive pressure took control of the match and claimed possession of the ball. The 2018 world champion dezones out on the left wing. He goes to a duel with Silva, where he takes two steps before trying a centre-back. Otamendi eve (7to).

A quarter of an hour later, it was Neymar who counterattacked him. The French come to challenge Otamendi and quickly overtake him, but the Argentinian puts him in a good base (21to). The Brazilian is somewhat disappointing as Mbappé did not pass.

If Benfica takes several cases (16to17to), it was Paris who opened the score. Juan Bernat was mowed in the box by Antonio Silva. The referee blows a penalty whistle, which Mbappé hastened to take. Hit the target, mistaking Vlachodimos (43to, 1-0). He was also the top scorer in Paris history in C1.

After returning from the dressing room, Bondy’s native continues his show as if nothing had happened. Found at the entrance to the surface, he dueled Antonio Silva and took a shot in his favorite position. Vlachodimos lost but the ball missed the target (51to).

He and his teammates fall asleep, leaving the ball monopoly to Benfica. After a few times (54to55to), Lisboans are penalized for a foul by Verratti. Gianluigi Donnarumma can’t do anything about João Mario’s shot (62to, 1-1). Everything has to be redone.

Mbappe revolts. Due to the French player’s offside position, he gets a corner that gives nothing and escapes again from the left before being caught by the extremist (65).to). He believes that he is the savior of his team with the goal he scored in the last minutes… He signaled offside logically (86)to). The shock a few moments ago finally overcame him. He is replaced by Carlos Soler, leaving his teammates powerless to change their destiny.

A few days before the classic against OM, PSG did not quiet their suspicions.

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