Moussa Koné after Nîmes’ defeat at Quevilly: “Don’t leave us, we are family! »

Moussa Koné after Nîmes' defeat at Quevilly: “Don't leave us, we are family!  »

After 11 Ligue 2 days and Saturday (3-1) sinking once again at Quevilly-Rouen, Nîmes Olympique is still 19th and relegated. Striker Moussa Koné calls for holy unity.

“Coach keeps them there and that’s normal.” On a full moon-lit Norman night, a crocodile player bared his neck to imagine Nîmes’ disappointment. For the set pieces, for the spaces behind us, we were warned that Quevilly would let us have the ball, we needed to expand, play fast and be patient. We’ve worked through all this, and we’ve done all the things that shouldn’t be done…” he explains.

Nicolas Usaï: “You’re right to think I got the squad wrong…”

The result is the first goal from a corner, a third depth and a sterile position before the entry from Tchokounté that changes everything. Very late. Twelve shots in two in the 2nd period, five on hits, eight goal chances, just for one return… but why Gard’s top scorer (4 goals), already performing well against Paris FC, didn’t he start the game? ? By the way, just like a Pagis.

“You have every right to think I misunderstood the squad. I hear your questions and I respect them. The idea of ​​the match, the scenario, it’s a team to face,” said Nicolas Usaï, who hasn’t been threatened until now. Waiting for us was about being persistent, not conceding goals and bringing in the offensive assets.” Because the substitutes haven’t been decisive enough in the eyes of the coach since the start of the season.

There are those who don’t have it. Koné, who is usually very careful in front of the media, made strong words with the Midi Libre on Saturday evening: “We talked to each other, everything was said throughout the week. Now the pitch is what matters. We are in a really difficult stage. Quevilly scored that goal very early (18th place) We ate and played in our heads… It’s up to us to recover very quickly from game to game and change the situation.”

Moussa Koné: “It’s as hard for everyone as it is for us”

And the Senegalese, the best Nîmes manager in the current workforce, to start a call to fans who “announced” Nemausus 2013 against Laval at Costières at the end of August before celebrating his liberation goal with the stands. Güney: “Don’t leave us! It’s as hard for everyone as it is for us. We are a family, we have to move forward hand in hand. We won’t let go, but they shouldn’t” Don’t leave us. We need them! We have a lot of games ahead of us, we will work and we will overcome.”

We have been drawing circles since August 27. The team is not doing well

Echoing this, its president, Rani Assaf, said: “We are certainly worried, but we must not panic.” One of the staff in Rouen also assured us: “We will hold on”. The will is there. It is absolutely necessary from now on that it manifests itself in the green rectangle on Saturday evening. Because we’ve been around since August 27th and this latest success (one of only two) is against Laval (1-0). And the team is not returning.

Match statistics (LFP): possession QRM 36% – NO 64%; 12-17 shots, 5 each on the target; corners 5-2; centers 18-23; offside 2-0; 11-11 fouls.

Behind the scenes of Crocos

EKHOUAFNI – Rubbing shoulders with Nicolas Usaï at the OM training center, the Quevilly-Rouen coach spoke about the Nîmes “case” at a post-match press conference Saturday evening: “Our game plan worked.” We decided to leave the ball in Nîmes. Offensive, we were very effective. They had control of the game, they had the team, but they couldn’t score in the crucial moments. They have a staff and a coach who can fix the situation. Anything is possible in this championship. You never know what’s going on. the next day will bring…” Will she sing for NO again soon?

FRIENDLY MATCHES – Nîmes will play three friendly matches during the World Cup break: against Rodez, Bastia and OM. Previously, players will experience a major holiday week after the 8th round of the French Cup (scheduled for 19 and 20 November). They will continue training on Wednesday, November 30 or Thursday, December 1st.

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