Marie-Eve Gahié and Margaux Pinot take turns falling

Marie-Eve Gahié and Margaux Pinot take turns falling

As expected above, Marie-Eve Gahié and Margaux Pinot fell before the quarterfinals at the World Judo Championships in Tashkent on Monday, where the Blues won just two medals after the first five days of the competition.

At the moment, only Amandine Buchard and Manon Deketer (-63 kg) managed to take the bronze medal at -52 kg, while Shirine Boukli, N.1 world -48 kg and Sarah-Leonie Cysique last year in Tokyo – Olympic vice-champion at 57 kg.

“I’m disgusted,” Gahié replied. “I felt great, but I think I got caught up in[my opponent’s]judo.”

The 2019 world champion in the -70 kg was eliminated in the third round against Japanese Niizoe Saki, who remained in four victories against the French.

A few minutes earlier in the same category, Margaux Pinot had been knocked out as soon as she entered the run after a tough eight-minute fight against Croatian Lara Cvjetko, a judoka whom she had met for the first time, in the second round.

“He expected me to attack, he was a little defensive to counter me, well done (…) I didn’t come for that but he was stronger, that’s all,” he said.

– “A big disappointment” –

The 25-year-old Margaux Pinot has had convincing results this season, including a Grand Slam victory in Paris. But she also spent a year away from the straw. In June, his former trainer and friend Alain Schmitt, whom he accused of domestic violence, was released. Then in August, a motorcycle accident that required a month’s leave spoiled his preparation.

When asked if this had any bearing on the World Championships, the recently switched club replied, “A little bit, I guess” before bursting into tears.

Marie-Eve Gahié managed to return by being crowned European champion at the end of April after failing to qualify for the Olympics.

“This is a huge disappointment,” said Christophe Massina, boss of the women’s delegation.

But for him, these Worlds should be an opportunity in less than two years to “get a lot of information to get back to work more” for the Paris Olympics as well as the upcoming World Championships. seven months.

He also reminded that in the last two days of the individual competition, before heavyweight Romane Dicko and Julia Tolofua, 2019 world champion and vice-president Olympic champion in Tokyo last year, Madeleine Malonga, will start running at -78kg. , N.2 and N.4 respectively, worldwide in their respective categories. There are serious medal chances before Thursday’s mixed team event.

“The atmosphere is always very good,” he said. “They have a really conquering and positive mood, they are in unity and togetherness. (…) We have to stay positive and we will count at the end of this championship.”

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