In some parts of the world we weigh less: that’s why

In alcuni punti, il nostro corpo pesa meno

In our daily struggle with the Libra, we are always looking for a pound less that ultimately means one small step forward, an achievement to be proud of. But there are some spots on our planet where body weight is lower – Even without having to diet, of course. The scientific explanation is incredible. Spoiler: Unfortunately this isn’t really a phenomenon we can use to lose weight, but it is undoubtedly very interesting.

Where on Earth we weigh less

Our weight (like that of any object on Earth) gravitational force to which we are subject, in order, it definitely depends on the mass of our planet. So would it be hypothetically possible to remove some of the earth’s mass to reduce gravity and therefore body weight? The answer to this weird question comes from these pages: Suppose? 2new book by Randall Munroe The computer programmer (who had worked for NASA in the past, completely devoted to his passion for comics) tries to satisfy some whimsical curiosity with reliable scientific explanations.

Randall explains in his book: we can actually lose weight Reducing the Earth’s mass. However, to have a drop of about 9kg, we would need a Dyson sphere to collect all the energy produced. Sun, so it can be used to separate a large part of our planet. Of course, it’s a much harder endeavor than dieting and doing some physical activity, as experts suggest. Oh yes: there’s also this, at least for now, it’s totally impossible.

Again, another method would be Seeing the weight go down to the scales without the Earth having to be partially destroyed. Since the determining factor is the mass of our planet, we can go underground by tunneling deep enough to reduce it. the core of the earth. Thus, we would be able to detect the points where our body weight was actually lower. To find out how deep we have to go to lose 9 kg do some complex mathematical and physical calculations.

Dig a tunnel underground for less weight

It would be very difficult to get into specific calculations, so let’s limit ourselves to some interesting results already drawn by Randall Munroe. to calculate Tunnel depth required to lose 9 kg we should refer to our body weight, the Earth’s gravitational field, or the force that the planet exerts on another mass (in this case, our body). Specifically, assuming Earth has a constant density, gravitational field will be roughly proportional to our distance from the center.

Consequently, if we want to lose 9kg of total weight of about 81kg, we need to reduce the gravitational field by a factor corresponding to 9/81, or about 11.1%. So we have to go underground to lose weight. depth, which corresponds to about 11.1% of the radius of our planet. By doing two quick calculations (considering the fact that the radius of the Earth is 6,371 km), we discover that the imaginary underground tunnel that will take us to where we will gain 9 kg less weight must descend well. 707 km in the bowels of the planet. In fact, this distance would be even greater, as the Earth’s density is not constant at all. What can I say, if we want to lose those extra pounds, it’s probably worth thinking about diet.

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