“Hanging” furniture for the entrance, living room, bedroom: 18 models with sizes and prices

"Hanging" furniture for the entrance, living room, bedroom: 18 models with sizes and prices

Bookcases, shelves, tables – large or, on the contrary, light and mini-sized – to be installed independently or together with other modules customized compositions: wide and varied in choice, taste and style. Fromlogin into the bedroom, through to live and the studio here consists of 18 hanging furniture that offers the advantage of freeing up floor space and illuminating the atmosphere.

What should be evaluated for hanging furniture?

The practical aspect should always be kept in mind: load, in particular, is a variable that should be checked with the retailer with reference to the product page. Special problems do not arise for small elements, but necessary for more important ones also take into account the weight of the objects the number and arrangement of the furniture piece it will need to support and the fixing points. Suspension rails are usually supplied with furniture to be fixed (hang) on ​​the wall.

Furniture to hang at the entrance

The intersections that define the interior pathways, entrances and corridors of the house can also be turned into strategic corners that add character with hanging furniture and restrained decorative touches. Among the various tones, colors inspired by the colors of the world – rejection in more or less dark tones depending on the available light – they make even a mini-entrance look deep. Solutions for this environment are many: a small console combined with a mirror, a place for keys, glasses, etc. where to place it can be basic equipment. and take a final look. However, if necessary, it can also be a mini workstation by adding a seat.

hanging furniture RBWAP5 col.  Rainbow by Hi Retail distr.  from Infabbrica

RBWAP5 col. Rainbow by Hi Retail distr. from Infabbrica

An item for clothes to hang and accessories to place? An open cube plus a metal rod. RBWAP5 col. Rainbow by Hi Retail distr. by Infabbrica is oak and lacquered metal. Measure L 120 x P 40 x H 40 cm; From 345 Euros. www.infabbrica.com

Blabla hanging furniture by Bonaldo

Blabla by Bonaldo

A relevant detail that transforms perception,color match between wall unit and wall. Bonaldo’s Blabla bookcase module features a structure in Canaletto Walnut veneer wood and intermittently arranged thin shelves in matt anthracite gray painted metal in various lengths. Measure L 120 x P 28 x H 200 cm; Starting from 2,162 Euros. www.bonaldo.com

Day Collection hanging furniture by Alf Dafrè

Day Collection by Alf Dafrè

Suspended ceiling with Tortora matt lacquer (acting as a drawer) in fashion wooden Canapa oak and Cube wall units leather covered It forms the Day Collection by Alf Dafrè. Dimensions L 384 x W 52.7 x H 123.6 cm; The price is 3,642 Euros. www.alfdafre.it

Dune di Bolzan hanging furniture

Bolzan Dunes

Folding table that closes when not needed, super equipped with technological equipment, solves a transition area, albeit narrow. Dune di Bolzan measures W 90 x D 11 x H 65 cm (closed) and W 90 x D 50.5 x H 37 cm (open); Prices starting from 1,086 Euros. www.bolzanletti.it

North Vale hanging furniture

northern servant

Valet by Northern made for sale at Design Republic in oak in natural veneer and the drawer interior is decorated with Sørensen leather details. In addition to the circular drawer, it has a lower shelf measuring W 92 x D 35 x H 10 cm; The price is 999 euros. www.designrepublic.com

Benny hanging furniture from Kave Home

Benny from Kave Home

For those aiming for the basic: with a compact and Scandinavian aesthetic, coat rack has four hooks e A comfortable suspended element in MDF. Benny by Kave Home measures L 40 x P 20 x H 175 cm; The price is 102 euros. www.kavehome.com

LT40 suspended furniture from Lema

LT40 from Lema

when you can two twin elements to be brought together they are truly amazing. Here the glossy effect of the varnishing is enhanced by the LED lighting on both the top and bottom. LT40 by Lema, suspended light box with remote control. Measure W 110 x D 35.1 x H 111.2 cm; The price is 3,744 euros in the glossy lacquered version with tray table. www.lemamobili.com

Furniture to hang for the living room

In the most versatile space of the home, wall units can also be rejected in multiple compositions, helping to define functional areas – reading, resting, eating – without saturating the space. Gray, white and beige is a winning solution, these are rarely tires. Extra idea? Give it a note of pink in the right shade.

Self hanging furniture from Rimadesio

Self by Rimadesio

Self by Rimadesio (www.rimadesio.it) has an aluminum construction with a platinum finish. The subcomponent has open walnut wood partitions and glazed hinged doors matte milky white. Measure L 481 x D 48.8 x H 32.5 cm. Seller price.

hanging furniture Butler by Falper

Falper’s Servant

A simple yet effective way to bring out the shapes and materials of a piece of furniture, focus on lighting. In this case, the LEDs placed in it enrich aluminum, glass and wood (walnut or oak). Butler by Falper L 80 x P 20 x H 150 cm; Starting from 3.165 Euros. www.falper.it

Hanging furniture D.355.1 by Molteni

D.355.1 by Molteni & C

There is furniture that is so perfect in style that it remains up to date even years after its design. This library is an example Designed by Gio Ponti in the late 1950s, now reissued with new finishes. D.355.1 by Molteni & C is shaped plywood with a partially natural clear veneer and partially hand-painted elm veneer in white. Measure L 240 x D 29.5 x H 35 cm; The price is 3,055 euros. www.molteni.it

suspended furniture_caccaro hanging_wallover

Wallover by Caccaro.

One tactic to visually brighten a composition that takes up a large portion of the wall is to alternate between solid and empty, light and dark finishes. Wallover by Caccaro consists of four matte lacquered elements interrupted by the presence of one. display cabinet with framed doors in smoked glassEquipped with built-in LED lighting, which can be adjusted by remote control. Measure L 225 x P 35.5 x H 120 cm; Excluding VAT, the price is 1,628 Euros. www.caccaro.com

a swing in the living room

A classic of sixties design, hanging armchairs add an ironic and playful twist to even contemporary interiors. And with the mesh structure, they gain more lightness even when the dimensions are maxi.

asma furniture_beliani armchair alatri

Alatri of Beliani.

Alatri by Beliani features a steel structure covered in synthetic rattan, all with a black lacquer finish; steel also for adjustable cable will be fixed to the ceiling. Equipped with soft quilted cushions in the same color for seat/back and headrest. Measure L 94 x P 96 x H 108 cm; The price is 359.99 Euros. www.beliani.it

Suspended furniture for study

A study/make-up/hobby area can also be created in the bedroom. The idea of ​​combining different modules was successfulyet stylistically consistent, combined with materials, colors and finishes.

soft focus desk foil hanging furniture

Foil from Flou

Folio by Flou (www.flou.it) features modules with curved metal plate construction in Oceano veneer; backrests wall units and shelf front mirrored. The containers measure L 90 x D 28 x H 32 cm and cost 1,240 euros each; shelf measures L 241 x D 45 x H 10 cm; The price is 2,120 euros.

Montana Mini 161 Mist hanging furniture from Montana Furniture

Montana Mini 161 Mist by Montana Furniture

A small parallelepiped, half closed and half open, which stands out for its delicate hue. Montana Mini 161 Mist by Montana Furniture is lacquered MDF. Available in many sizes and different types of caps. Dimensions L 35 x D 25 x H 35 cm, price 179 euros at www.finnishdesignshop.it.

Suspended furniture visually light bedroom

The aesthetic lightness of hanging furniture becomes a suitable quality for living different functions together in the bedroom. A place of rest, yes, but also a wardrobe and more often a study. Toned blue does not narrow the field of view and gives a relaxing feeling.. In dark tones, the environment will be more enveloping; muffled with clear ones.

Fluttua di Lago hanging furniture

Fluttua di Lago hanging furniture

Fluttua di Lago is characterized by a single central leg. height adjustable supports the frame and floor (resulting in HPL); this creates an imperceptible, magical suspension effect. Measure L 180 x P 200 x H 100 cm; Prices starting from 3.700 Euro. www.lago.it

hanging furniture lamps Roomi by Nordlux (left) and Logi by Markslöjd

Roomi by Nordlux (left) and Logi by Markslöjd

Compact dimensions without sacrificing functionality, with a high-tech spin for lamps / nightstand in two versions. Nordlux’s Roomi (left) and Markslöjd’s Logi in polished metal, both are equipped with a USB port. They measure L 24.8 x W 16.5 x H 28.2 and W 20 x D 15 x H 35 cm respectively and are 119 and 99.90 euros on Lamp.it. www.lampade.it

hanging furniture kryptonite k1 walk-in closet

K1 Kryptonite

Space is never enough to contain: here’s a suggestion that’s light on the eyes but really roomy and has a wide variety of accessories to store everything from clothes to shoes. K1 by Kryptonite (www.kriptonite.com) in painted anodized aluminum, with shelf posts, size L 413 x P 44 x H 198 cm. It costs 3,140 euros.

Furniture and accessories for hanging

Taken from the February 2022 issue of Cose di Casa.

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