Could JaVale McGee be the Mavs’ new luck charm?

JaVale McGee

JaVale McGee, once regarded as a somewhat dumb player and probably not the furthest slid penguin by some NBA watchers, has managed to break free from this unassuming image to a much more flattering image: the image of the man who performed excellent service in the win. teams.

Whoever could have predicted such a flash for friend JaVale was very clever, because the beast offered us countless crazy things, especially when playing under the Wizards jersey, so much so that it compilation there are its “exploits”. He was once Shaquille O’Neal’s favorite victim and regularly tops Shaqtin’ A Fool. Whether it’s when he gets bored during a slam dunk attempt from the free throw line, struggling to send Isaiah Thomas, pushing like a slug to make his first career triple-double, or returning to the defense after a miss. while shooting… John Wall has the ball with his teammate, Mendes was great. His physical and athletic qualities allow him to survive in the major leagues, unfortunately, a big booby look and a disjointed body with dangerous technique didn’t help the former Wizards much in their quest for a new image. In his defence, he flourished with many social causes like that time. Andray Blatche, Nick Young, Jordan Crawford, Deshawn Stevenson or inseparable Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton. In short, it was truly the Age of Enlightenment in Washington at the time, and he seemed destined to pursue the tragicomic kind of career. But JaVale McGee will get a chance at a fresh start when all these happy bards find their way.

He was sent to the Nuggets on March 15, 2012, then in contention for the Playoffs in the West. If playing time and role matter less, the center finally thrives in a well-framed and ambitious franchise. In Denver, he discovers the joys of the postseason and the front office trusts him enough to offer him a 44 million contract over 4 years. Unfortunately, a stress fracture in his left shin led to a career in the wing that seemed to eventually take off. The Nuggets did not extend him at the end of his contract, the Sixers decided to cut him after six games and the Mavericks did not want to keep him in 2016. Firwood for the NBA’s former favorite troublemaker But at the same time, an unexpected contingency arises for the son of former WNBA player Pam McGee. Defending champions Warriors offer center contract immediately, realizes that the latter won’t be greedy in terms of salary or playing time and has an athletic player profile in line with Steve Kerr’s playing philosophy. Neither one nor two accepts GS’s minimum wage offer and recovers in California. Even though he’s only started 27 of his 142 games in the Gulf, he’s bringing a beautiful piece to the Warriors building and fully deserves the first two career titles he’s amassed in 2017 and 2018. peers admired the dressing room and respected his hard work and calm disposition. Andre Iguodala will even keep those words that make perfect sense today in JaVale McGee’s career.

You can be smart and act stupid, but you can’t be stupid and act smart. – André Iguodala

Indeed, JaVale McGee is no longer this freak who amuses everyone with his antics and is so clumsy at 50% of his actions, he is a hardworking, discreet, generous in his efforts and now double NBA Champion center who has come a long way. With dubs. He went a little further south to take on a new challenge and joined the Lakers in 2018, the same year as LeBron James. If he becomes the starting pivot for the Angelinos between 2018 and 2020 and misses the Playoffs in his first season in Los Angeles, McGee pockets his third ring in 2020 in the Orlando bubble along with other geniuses like Dion Waiters, Kyle Kuzma. Dwight Howard and even the invincible Gérard. Three championships have been official in four years: McGee is now a lucky charm for the joy of the team that hired him.. Unfortunately for them, the Lakers are missing out on any title chances in 2021, and they eventually send McGee to Cleveland after the coronation to make room for Marc Gasol, then send him back to Denver. The 2021 season of the NBA’s most famous rattail is not a long and calm river, luckily… Team USA! JaVale McGee, like his mother Pam, won the Olympic title against the French team during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, adding another line to his now-exhaustive list. Hell we tell you.

In Phoenix, the Suns and Shaq’s friend will sign a new contract for 2021-22 and try to give his NBA career a new boost. If he speaks flawlessly individually, he unfortunately can’t avoid the outgoing finalist being eliminated by the Mavericks he joined this summer. We hope to have a more productive experience in Dallas than the first, which was only 34 games long, but above all, a real contribution to be able to help Luka Doncic and his family reach a new level after a contract. 20 million dollars in 3 years suggested future pivot owner of the franchise. It seems like a long time ago that Mamène was just a simple athletic center who seemed to lack basketball IQ and was walking around like a headless chicken on the ground. Now, JaVale is a better player to be with than against.

Today, freed from physical faults and fully focused on his role as a team, JaVale McGee is experiencing the heyday of every franchise he has passed. Mavs’ new auspicious amulet could be 2m13 tall. It’s too early to talk about an NBA championship with the Texas franchise, but we wish all the harm to Mamène, who deserves this laudatory stutter.

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