A new peak on the way to the World Cup in Sweden

A new peak on the way to the World Cup in Sweden

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Gothenburg (Sweden) (AFP) – After four days of showdowns in Germany, Blue has surpassed its ambitions to show Sweden, another stronghold of women’s football, in Gothenburg on Tuesday (18:30) a friendly match that has already sold out to “prepare” for the World Cup. . 2023 .

The French will play a series of friendly matches for the World Cup, scheduled for 20 July to 20 August 2023 in Oceania, and the first test ended in a 2-1 loss in Dresden on Friday.

Alexandra Popp’s partners, who had already excelled in the Euro’s semi-finals in July and won by the same points, again taught a lesson in efficiency and commitment, leaving the question open: Can Blue compete with the best in undeniable game quality?

“Who has the first chance? If we scored a goal or two in the first thirty minutes, we wouldn’t be talking about the same thing today. But we didn’t put them in. Intensity, the game, we were,” But we weren’t effective in the last 20-30 metres,” he said.

“The Anger Mentality”

After the setback in Germany, midfielder Charlotte Bilbault pointed out this lack of realism, and not just. “We have to be sharper, more determined, lethal in front of the target,” the Montpellier player urged his partners to “have that mentality of anger and aggression.”

Producing a “nice game” isn’t always enough to win, especially against top teams.

When asked about the team’s mood on Monday, captain Wendie Renard didn’t see any shortcomings. “It’s important to be able to show some intensity, to impose our game on the opponent for a few minutes, but that’s not all. It’s also important to manage the ball well and above all to put it behind the opponent’s goal),” he replied.

Deacon noted on Friday that there is still a “difference in attitude” between the two teams. “Who will look for the ball in the goal when we score a penalty? A German.”

Swedish striker Kosovare Asslani (d) against England in the Euro semi-final to be held on 26 July 2022 in Sheffield
Swedish striker Kosovare Asslani (d) against England in the Euro semi-final to be held on 26 July 2022 in Sheffield Lindsey ParnabyAFP

With that in mind, the Gothenburg trip serves as a new full-scale test. The French will challenge the reigning Olympic vice-champions at Gamla Ullevi, backed by 15,500 spectators, with semi-finalists like them declared sold out for the last Euro.

“The Swedes love to play athletically and technically, they have players who can make a difference, they also like to go deep,” Renard said.

accumulation of injuries

The second team in the Fifa standings lacks many players, such as defender Hanna Glas, who was not called up due to injury, or striker Sofia Jakobsson (former Montpellier, now in the USA), who left the training camp. due to a physical malfunction.

The yellow and blue navy will nonetheless include Paris’ Amanda Ilestedt, former PSG Kosovare Asllani (AC Milan), Chelsea Magdalena Eriksson’s captain, Arsenal striker Stina Blackstenius and even FC Barcelona’s Fridolina Rolfö.

The French kept Griedge Mbock and Marie-Antoinette Katoto off the field for several months without serious injuries in this second match of the season. Sakina Karchaoui, Sandie Toletti and Élisa de Almeida were also forced into the pack.

“There are more and more injuries, long-term injuries, so you have to ask the right questions,” Renard says. “We like to play games, but at some point we also get fluff and above all, we get fired,” Lyonnaise says, reminding that players “just need to heal up, albeit just psychologically.”

Head coach of France team Corinne Deacon while training for the Euro at Milton Keynes on July 26, 2022.
Head coach of France team Corinne Deacon while training during the Euro at Milton Keynes on July 26, 2022 FRANCK FIFE AFP

Mocked by the OL after Mbock’s injury in September, Deacon admitted he had “necessarily different goals” compared to clubs.

“I am the coach of the French team, my job is to prepare a team for the World Cup, even if I have to take into account the physical condition of the players in relation to the different competitions in their club. I have a goal, at some point I have to think about it a bit alone,” he replied.

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