Why is no one in Italy talking about Talaria Sting?

Why is no one in Italy talking about Talaria Sting?

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Luca’s Talaria Sting

Why is no one in Italy talking about Talaria Sting? Giuseppe, who has been using and liking it for six months, wants this from us. Luca also bought it and agreed, adding a short review on the performance, ride and consumption of this agile electric all-terrain bike. We remind you that questions should be sent to e-mail. info@vaielettrico.it

italian bite
Giuseppe’s Talaria Sting

“I’ve had it for six months: pure fun”

Why is no one in Italy talking about Talaria Sting? I’ve had the approved version for 6 months now with the eco-bonus and it’s a real pure fun concentrate! A sort of improved Sur Ron with beltless timing, bigger battery and a new chassis.

Although it has been on the market since the beginning of the year, no newspaper in the industry mentions it, although many do not seem to take this aspect into account, electric mobility is also out of the way!

Off-road is actually the environment where electric vehicles do their best: lots of torque to overcome obstacles, tens of kilometers of routes, zero smell or pollution, and above all, the SILENCE necessary to listen to nature and not be afraid. being hated by animals, residents and hikers on foot or by bike.

I’m back! I am walking around the forest after work and always come back with a beautiful smile on my face 🙂 I am sorry that I cannot share all this with the two-wheeled electric off-road vehicle lovers and this is why I am writing. to you. Giuseppe Ferrara

I wanted a Tesla, I got Talaria Sting

Hello everyone, I contacted you a few months ago about buying a Tesla model 3, finally I decided to put off a few years for the war without incentives and rising prices and I decided to buy an electric dirt bike, the best choice I’ve ever made, for maintenance and refueling economical, powerful, quiet, beautiful.

italian bite
Sting, Luca’s head of talaria

Paid 4,500€ new, so it’s the same as petrol.

It has exaggerated power although it can be driven at 14 (even extreme), I did 2000 km a month and spent 20 euros, I spent on petrol bikes, at 200 250 they have no power to waste.

The best motocross bike around.

I have just subscribed to your channel even though I have been following you for several years, congratulations to all for your service and your effectiveness in promoting eco mobility.

“I beat all my friends on petrol motorcycles”

T.alaria brand, Sting model, 0 to 100 charge is 4 hours but I try to never discharge more than 30, I almost always increase it to 60 and it charges in 30 minutes, I use it for everything, going to school, going to the forest is very comfortable and I beat almost all my friends who have a light but best part petrol bike.

Real autonomy on the plain 60 km. Climb the same way because if you’re good, you can charge if you’re good, otherwise you’ll download little or no download if you don’t speed up a bit.. Luca Pisoni

Press office, if you’re there, give it a shot

Answer- Indeed, Talaria Sting seems to have everything a successful Dirt Bike should have. Everything but an efficient press office. Vaielettrico never received a press release, let alone a test recommendation. And as we see on the internet, the information blackout affects all Italian media. That’s the only reason no one in Italy talks about it. While browsing foreign sites, we discovered that Talaria was founded in 1996. Chongqing, China. Only recently has he devoted himself to the design and manufacture of electric motorcycles and came to Europe with only one model: the Sting, actually. There is one in Italy Commercial office in Bolzano which obviously cares more about sales than image. And maybe, given the results, that’s fine too: two references like Luca and Giuseppe are enough. But if the company gives us the opportunity, we will be very happy to test it.

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