“The World Cup in Qatar will be history!”

Yaya Touré - Coupe du Monde 2022 - Mondial 2022

legend Ivory Coast, Yaya Toureeagerly awaiting the edition. FIFA World Cup with Train, which promises something unprecedented. This will be the first tournament held in Turkey. Middle East and in the Arab world – an opening to new frontiers for the great mass of the round ball made by the old captain. elephants.

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It should be noted that large Yaya Toure took part in three qualifications Ivory Coast To the “queen pageant”, including the first organization of the tournament on the African continent 2010When’South Africa became a home owner.

Whereas Qatar 2022 fast approaching, ambassador FIFA World Cup™Chosen as the African football player of the year four times, he conveys his vision for this year’s competition, which will start at the stadium. Al Bayt 20 November. >> 2022 World Cup: full schedule

You’ve experienced the FIFA World Cup™ in Europe, Africa and South America. How special will this year’s tournament be for the Middle East and the Arab world?

This is a very important and unique event as this will be the first time an Arab country will host this important competition. Qatar will be the first Muslim country to host the World Cup. It will be more than an honor to be a part of it for all players of the Islamic faith.

How will the tournament schedule from November 20 to December 18 benefit the players?

The competition date means that Europe’s biggest clubs and leagues will take a break from their seasons. This is unusual as players will not be fit and tired from playing a long season with their club for the first time. In that sense, I think it will be historical. I can’t wait to see how all this turns out.

The compact nature of Qatar 2022 means that fans will always be close to a stadium. Can’t wait to watch multiple matches per day in the early stages of the tournament?

I can’t wait to do this. That’s what surprised me the most about this World Cup. I was very impressed with how Qatar prepared and how the country prepared to welcome fans from all over the world. The ease with which visitors can get around, after talking to the organizers, is another reason why this World Cup is special.

Will having more time to prepare matches improve performance in Qatar 2022?

I think so too. Short distances between hotels, training bases and stadiums will be invaluable to players. When I participated in the World Cup in Brazil, there were two or three hours of flight between matches, but that will not be the case in Qatar. It will be one of the best World Cups for me because you will see all the stars playing in one place.

What was the impact of the 2010 World Cup held in South Africa on the entire continent? How will the Middle East and the Arab world benefit from this year’s tournament?

I think that 2010 was a great opportunity for the African continent and created great excitement in the continent. It brought Africans together. At the time it made us believe that an African team can win the World Cup and hopefully one day an African team will win.

I’m sure fans in Qatar and the region will feel the same. They will appreciate the opportunities offered by the World Cup and begin to believe that an Arab team can be among the best in the world.

Five African teams qualified for the tournament. Which one do you think will perform best?

Senegal is a good team and they can do well in this World Cup. After winning the African Cup of Nations earlier this year, they will be more confident. I also think Cameroon, Ghana, Morocco and Tunisia will also be successful. The qualifiers showed that we have great teams in Africa. We now hope that African teams can reach new heights at the World Cup.

Why is football important in today’s world?

I think it’s very important. Football takes us away from the stress of daily life, brings people together and reflects the diversity of many cultures. Many know what an incredible and exciting sport football is. If you look at my country, Ivory Coast, we were close to civil war when we qualified for the first World Cup in 2006. After that, our team asked the government to end the conflict. It shows how powerful football can be in our society. Like sports in general, it gives hope by making people focus on and enjoy the positive.

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