The Philadelphia Eagles are still undefeated in the NFL.

The Philadelphia Eagles are still undefeated in the NFL.

After five days of the NFL regular season, the Philadelphia Eagles are in the clear. They won the Arizona Cardinals (20-17) on Sunday and are still the last undefeated team. However, it was difficult to achieve victory. Philadelphia was up 14-0 after a two-yard touchdown from quarterback Jalen Hurts. But Arizona came back at 17-17. The Eagles took the lead again with a goal from the field. And with 22 seconds left, the Cardinals missed theirs.

Next Sunday, Philadelphia will also host a competitor in their division, the Dallas Cowboys, wonderfully. The Texans had four wins in a row. They won over the defending champions Los Angeles Rams (22-10). The last one endured it all: a TD accepted on fumble’s (Matthew Stafford, quarterback) return from the start of the match, a blocked punt immediately afterwards, a missed field goal, an interception, and another fumble accepted by Stafford. This is already the Rams’ third loss.

Buffalo crushed Pittsburgh

The Cincinnati Bengals were also defeated by the Baltimore Ravens (19-17) with Justin Tucker’s last-second shot. Cincinnati had just used a touchdown advantage from Joe Burrow for the first time in the game. But they couldn’t stop the Ravens’ latest win. He also has three losses in five games for the Bengals.

Considered a Super Bowl favorite by many observers, the Buffalo Bills crushed Pittsburgh (38-3) with a gala Josh Allen (424 yards, four TDs) as QB.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tom Brady scored a heavyweight win (21-15) against Atlanta. They were leading 21-0 before their opponents came back. And the Falcons were also victims of a questionable refereeing decision, which prevented them from having a final offensive streak and perhaps turning the tide of the game.

Miami is still shaken by tremors

Green Bay lost in London against the New York Giants (27-22) who continued to surprise at the start of the season. The New Yorkers earned two touchdowns from Gary Brightwell and Saquon Barkley before stopping the Packers in their final series. New Orleans beat Seattle 39-32 thanks to the glowing number 2 quarterback Taysom Hill on the run. Hill recorded three such TDs, including winning after a 60-yard break. He also threw a touchdown pass and closed a fumble.

The curse of the tremors hangs over Miami. After losing starting QB Tua Tagovailoa and an argument that led to a change in concussion protocol, the Dolphins saw their second quarterback Teddy Bridgewater shaken as they lost to the New York Jets (40-17).

The Los Angeles Chargers defeated Cleveland (30-28) in a runner-up game (173 yards for Austin Ekeler for the Chargers, 143 for Nick Chubb for Cleveland).

Houston’s first win

In the end, Houston took their first win of the season against Jacksonville (13-6). Jaguar quarterback Trevor Lawrence was caught at the last minute. After convincing victories, the Florida franchise, which has struggled in recent seasons, is back on track. The day will conclude on Monday with a reception by Patrick Mahomes from Kansas City and Las Vegas.

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