The most popular Venezuelan products among cucuteños

The most popular Venezuelan products among cucuteños

Border integration between Colombia and Venezuela goes beyond the building of international bridges, as there are a number of foodstuffs produced in Venezuela that make Colombians ‘mouth-watering’ simply by remembering them.

Alongside the malts of various brands produced in the oil country, Savoy chocolates, Torontos, Cocosette cookies, and the unique Nucitas are some of the products North Americans who hope to return to the Venezuelan side to try. them..

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Some Cucuteños even take advantage of the proximity to Táchira and take the opportunity to order their favorite candies.

On a tour of a well-known border supermarket chain, the good news for Colombians was revealed, that at one point the majority of the candies they tried were still available in Venezuela.

However, some of these products have evolved and changed or diversified their offerings, like the famous Maria Cookies whose offering continues to come in traditional packages, but also kickstarted the offering in Mini Maria Cookies.


Another product that has been plentiful on the shelves is the popular chocolate drink Toddy, which also features a TV commercial in which the grandma and granddaughter try the drink and the boy says: “Here’s how good you are.” I’m in love” is a phrase that went viral in those golden years.

But for Venezuelans this traditional drink has increased its cost to the consumer today, a kilo serving is equivalent to 13.44 dollars, 53,760 pesos, and despite the price, many people do not stop buying the product and have a taste. A mini presentation gaining strength in the country.

very sweet

In addition, Toddy recently released a presentation of a delicious, long-lasting, ready-to-eat pudding in a handy 125 gram plastic cup. It is a product that provides vitamins A, B and D, does not contain preservatives and does not need to be stored in the refrigerator. With this launch, Toddy’s portfolio has been strengthened and a new offering has been added to the options the brand already has: drinks, cookies and ice cream.

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Another sweet legacy that exists in Venezuela is the Lollipop, a legacy from Italian-Venezuelan businessman Filipo Sindoni, the mastermind of great products across the country, which was born “by chance” while Sindoni was trying to produce another product. It was designed and produced by Nucita Venezolana, which carries another delectable chocolate with dulce de leche, popular with the little ones and the many cucuteños who have managed to try it.

The journalist from Cucuta Mauricio Parada has fond memories of Venezuelan products. “There are so many things bought on the way to San Antonio del Táchira or Pedro María Ureña, among which my favorites to buy are Diablitos and Cheez Whiz, these two items are badges for Cucuteños, because one can always get along with an arepa. ,” he explained.

Parada reminded them that Ovomaltina, Savoy chocolate, pepitos and chicha tubes, which are always found in the Cucuteño market, are also one of the sweets they always have in their homes, and they are flavors that remind them of their relatives in Venezuela.


“This is a market one would want to return to again and I hope they come here to Colombia,” the social communicator said.

Regarding Diablito Underwood, Colombians should note that the Alimentos Difresca brand warns its consumers of the presence of products “aimed to imitate Diablitos Underwood” with names and packaging similar to their own. It is important to make sure that the product is genuine.

Club Social cookies, a brand of Mondelēz Venezuela, cannot fall under this sweet list, as this Venezuelan brand refreshed its image in 2021, redesigned its packaging and brought Club Social back into the Venezuelan homes of Integral.

Mondelēz Venezuela has two production facilities in the states of Lara and Carabobo, where products with high quality standards are produced in mass consumption categories such as cookies (sweet and savory), powdered beverages and spreads, with a portfolio of iconic brands: Oreo®, Belvita® (Crackers and Hony). Bran), Sorbeticos®, Soda Premium®, Club Social®, Chips Ahoy®, Tang®, Halls® Trident® and Cheez Whiz® and others.

A survey conducted through this newspaper’s virtual newsroom also revealed various memorabilia related to Fresca Chicha from Tío Rico, Cerelac, Bati Bati ice cream and products from Efe.

Venezuelans ‘die’ for Chocoramo, Pinguinitos and Postobón

On the Venezuelan side, there is a link and affinity for a long list of food products, groceries and toiletries of Colombian origin. When the border was closed, even for the crosswalk, the desire of many was to try again, among other flavors, the apple-flavored pink soft drink not made in Venezuela.

For example, Colombian Festival cookies are widely accepted by Venezuela; this product has a preferential place on the shelves of supermarkets in the border states.

In addition, due to price and quality reasons and being a country that has had a hard time in terms of economy, Venezuelans are a delicious dish to eat, so they enjoy consuming Margarita potatoes with lemon and naturally in their chicken presentations.

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El Pinguinuito is another product that has a great reputation especially for the texture of this cake and its delicious filling, which was found in Venezuela about 15 years ago. But now it’s those in Colombia that are observed in supermarkets and warehouses.

“I love Chocoramo, but people also love Choclitos with lemon flavor,” said Maryerlin Villanueva, a native of Tachira, a New Zealand country that loves the flavors of Colombian products from family roots.

Even the corner shops in Tachira sell Saltín and Ducal cookies, the flavor of which takes many Venezuelans back to childhood, as a relative always came with a packet of these cookies when he visited Cúcuta.

Some supermarkets also sell Popsy ice cream, which has earned a place in the heart of Tachirenses for its quality-cost ratio.


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