The future of the US military?

The future of the US military?

The American M1A2 Abrams main battle tank has always been considered the gold standard. It has bent steel and a lot of charm. Now, however, a new model has emerged that can take on the existing Abrams variants. Concept Abrams X It originated from General Dynamics Land Systems and will be one of the main attractions of the exhibition. United States Army Corps It will take place the week of October 10.

Abrams X: Wait till you see

You can see the Abrams X tech demonstrator in the video above. It is painted in a grayish or matte silver color. The first thing that catches your eye is the remote-controlled 30mm chain gun protruding from the turret.. The tower itself will be unmanned and will require a smaller crew of three instead of four on board.

Less weight and less fuel requirement

The tank is lighter to increase speed and maneuverability. Improvements to the chassis and diesel-hybrid electric powertrain require 50 percent less fuel than the current M1A2 gas turbine engine. The main weapon is shown in the video and looks powerful. The fire control system may have new use of artificial intelligence and electro-optical sights.

New platform after decades of Abrams service

In a press release from General Dynamics, it is said that the tank may have some elements of quiet mobility. The defense contractor claimed the Abrams X would have better manned/unmanned teamwork and survivability. Abrams X is the next generation tank after the updated SEPv3 and SEPv4 models.. The original variant of the Abrams arrived in the troops in 1981, so the Abrams X had a long time to come.

modern electronic architecture

Abrams X will allow easier software and hardware upgrades thanks to the new generation KATALYST electronic architecture. This system is planned to be used in other NATO armored vehicles. KATALYST offers better sensors, computing power, ethernet and data exchange. KATALYST is able to “grow” with the new technologies they develop in the coming years, as advancements can be added to Abrams X more easily. The sensors located in the front of the tank body can be used for 360-degree video transmission. This will increase situational awareness.

It’s unclear how much this new tank will cost, but the Abrams X is sure to be more expensive.. But after decades of updating the same platform, it’s time to do something new.

Remember the tank

With the war in Ukraine, where Russian tanks are fighting with anti-tank missiles, some military analysts wonder if tank warfare is obsolete. One aspect of the Russian armor problem is that Vladimir Putin’s forces do not have enough dismounted infantry to support their tanks. These soldiers can search for enemy anti-tank missile launchers after firing to protect the missiles from tracking tanks. US Army doctrine ensures that sufficient dismounted infantry is involved in a tank battle.

Complementary of other armored vehicles

Then, Abrams X will be an important addition to the Infantry Brigade Combat Team to add firepower. Additionally, a light tank is on its way to complete the Abrams X. The Army’s concept of Mobile Protected Firepower ensures this light tank has additional armor panels and protection against anti-tank mines and improvised explosive devices. To ensure crew survivability, ammunition racks will be heavily guarded so that anti-tank missiles do not come into contact with tank ammunition, something Russian tanks are exposed to.

Abrams X has a bright future

The Abrams X program is exciting and should give support to supporters of US armored warfare who still believe a main battle tank is appropriate.. The key is to reduce fuel consumption. The main weapon should be even more accurate. As the US military struggles to recruit new recruits, downsizing the crew will save on manpower needs. Situational awareness and survival will increase. The lower weight will make it easier to carry forward. Abrams X will deliver even more deadly power and one day become the standout system in the Army’s quest to maintain battlefield dominance.

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