Open your wine in style with these Carrefour corkscrews

Carrefour sacacorchos originales

Who doesn’t love to consume a commodity? to come from time to time? Autumn is presented as the ideal season to get it. alcoholic beverage It can even be beneficial for our health when consumed in moderation. carrefoursa you have this in mind and that’s why we find a few in your catalog corkscrew good quality we use to open bottles easily.

the products you sell carrefoursa they are many and varied, and one of the biggest advantages of buying from a large multinational company is that we can choose from so many different options. However, in this article We want to make it easy for you to find the best corkscrew by offering you two models. you will loveBoth in terms of design and ease of use.

Two excellent corkscrews sold at Carrefour

We want to make it clear that there is much more to choose from in the extensive catalog of the French supermarket chain, however, from our point of view, these are the best you can buy. You will surely surprise your guests by using any of these products. These are as follows:

wine corkscrew
The best Carrefour corkscrews

Carrefour customizable corkscrew

The main attraction of this product is that it can be personalized as the name suggests. This is a metal corkscrew It includes a rubber marker that can be red, blue or green so we can write or draw whatever we want on it.. In this way, we will make this product our own and very personal. If you want your corkscrew customization to be permanent, it is necessary to fix an adhesive strip on top.

Carrefour customizable corkscrew
Customizable Carrefour corkscrew

Other than that, it’s a corkscrew. very useful and easy to use. It allows the removal of mushrooms in two stages without damaging them, and also, The design is compact and lightweight, so it will not require any effort to deal with it. It has a blade for quickly cutting bottle caps and a cap opener on the top. Finally, it will cost only 9 eurosso it’s a real bargain.

Carrefour electric corkscrew

If you find it difficult to use a traditional corkscrew because you don’t have enough strength or skill, this product will change your life. With an electric corkscrew You’ll be able to uncork your best bottles in just seconds and effortlessly.. If you buy this kit, you will receive one electric corkscrew and two tapped pourers this will prevent annoying stains and help you preserve the wine better, among other equally beneficial additions.

Carrefour electric corkscrew
Carrefour electric corkscrew: technology and comfort

His system is really simple. consists of only two buttons: one is used to remove the cork, the other to release it and leave it ready for next use. Additionally, it includes: an LED light for safe and precise use even in the dark. As for the price, It costs 19.97 eurossomething that seems reasonable to us, considering what makes things easier for us.

What can you use if you don’t have a corkscrew like Carrefour’s?

Even if you don’t believe you can use a shoe to open a bottle of wine easily. It is enough to place the bottom of the bottle on the heel area and place it inside the shoe. After that, tap the bottom of the bottle against the wall until the cork sticks out enough to remove it manually. Of course, it is best to buy a good quality corkscrew, like any of the two from Carrefour that we presented in this article.

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