Senegalese fans should head to Qatar to see African champions Lions again. And the regrouping of Aliou Cissé’s foals will be in Paris, where they will head straight to Doha. Even the traditional flag handing ceremony should be held at the Senegalese Embassy in Doha, where a delegation led by President Macky Sall is expected to watch their first match against the Netherlands on November 21 at Al Thumama Stadium. Meanwhile, a delegation led by Ministers Yankhoba Diattara and Abdoulaye Saydou Sow arrived on Monday (November 10th) for final arrangements.

The coaches of the 32 teams that qualified for the FIFA World Cup, scheduled for November 20 to December 18 in Qatar, will begin listing their players early next month. In Senegal, the exact date is not yet known. On the other hand, except for a last-minute change, the regrouping of “Lions” will take place in Paris. According to reliable sources, this is the information obtained at the end of a meeting to which national coach Aliou Cissé was invited. Better still, the “Lions” will leave the French capital on November 15 to head directly for the Qatari capital, Doha. How about the traditional ceremony of handing over the national flag?


Our sources report that the meeting will be held at the Senegalese Embassy in Doha. As with the Russia 2018 World Cup, President Macky Sall will attend the “Lions” first game against the Netherlands before joining the Dakar on 21 November. The Senegalese Lions, the African champions (ranked 18th in the world), best African selection according to Fifa rankings, are expected at this final stage of the World Cup, where the hope of the whole continent rests on their shoulders. Note that Senegal shares Pool A with host countries Qatar and Ecuador. The Lions will choose their base camp at the Duhail Handball Sports Hall, located near the Abdallahben-Khalifa Stadium, which is used by the football club Al-Duhail Sports Club. Due to Covid-19, Fifa plans to place one player per room. Without hiding the authorities, technical personnel and security guards. Fifa will thus support 50 players whose three elements are TLO, TCLO and CPLO.


Unlike the SK Royal hotel in Kaluga, which serves as a shelter where Sadio Mané and his group have to travel several kilometers to train, they will be served at the Duhail Handball Gym. They will leave their rooms; and on foot, they will join the training ground in the center. Lions, technical and medical personnel, etc. They will be there alone with their members. This offers a certain peace of mind that is more interesting than a hotel where other guests can stay. But no one should enter here without the permission of the Senegalese Football Federation.


But if central Duhail Handball Gym offers the Lions any bit of peace of mind, the mandate given to the Qatar national team to practice there from time to time has surprised some Feds. “Destiny asked us to share the same Pool A with the host Qatar. My only wish is that they (national handball team, editor’s note) do not disturb the peace of our team,” he said. The Qatar national handball team is preparing for the handball world cup scheduled to be held in Poland in January 2023. 1938 Note that since , Qatar remains the only country to podium in a world championship outside of Europe: it was in 2015. Denmark won the last two editions in 2019 and 2021. However, Fifa managers wanted to reassure Senegal that the FSF’ There will be no disturbance if the Duhail Handball Sports Hall approves the selection. It will be held in a few days. Since Monday, October 10, a delegation of representatives of the Ministry of Sports, headed by the new Minister Yankhoba Diattara and the Senegalese Football Federation (FSF), is staying in the Qatari capital for final arrangements. .


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