How to prepare for October 11 and 12 discounts?

How to prepare for October 11 and 12 discounts?

They were sought”Prime Special Offers“, but they’ve already been renamed”First Day of Autumn“: this 48 hours discount It’s on Amazon, repeating in October what we saw in July. In other words, the great convenience resulting from many brands, large and small, in the world’s largest e-commerce, and many discounted products in all product categories. completely Prime Dayhowever, at the same time Prime Special Offers It has very specific rules. The first is undoubtedly the need to subscribe to Prime.

Subscribe to Amazon Prime and enjoy a free 30-day trial

How do Prime Special Offers work?

They were sought”Prime Special Offers“because they Subscription to Amazon Prime. Just like Prime Day, in fact, the two-day October discounts require a slightly more expensive subscription for a few weeks: From 15 September 2022actually, the cost of a Prime subscription 4.99 euros per month (or €49.90 per year).

However, just like on Prime Day, Prime Special Offers Amazon also provides participation for those who enjoy the game. 30-day free trial from new subscription. So, in theory and in practice, you need to be a Prime subscriber to participate in offers, but not required to pay subscription.

In any case, those who have a subscription will be able to participate in the initiative that will take place. From midnight on October 11 to 12:59, then 48 hours full and full of discounts and offers. by including I lightning opportunitiesthese are extremely advantageous but in limited numbers and in very few numbers.

Subscribe to Amazon Prime and enjoy a free 30-day trial

How to really save with Amazon offers

All users a little more “clever“They already know, and it would be wrong to deny: not always An offer on Amazon is truly as good as it sounds. This is usually because the seller “play“at the price of previous days, making it very high make the discount look bigger. It is even possible to buy discounted products that are more expensive than the price of the previous days.

These behaviors Poorly tolerated by AmazonOn the other hand, products that do not apply them with the products that they sell and personally ship (all products with the phrase “)From: Amazon – From: Amazon“). For avoid any risk We recommend installing a good Chrome extension to monitor the price trend on Amazon to see if there are any strange movements in the days before the sale days.

Two of them are the most famous and used. camel camel And Hide. Both do a great job even in their free basic version and offer more than enough information for the following. Really save on Amazoneven outside of special offer periods.

How to sign up for Prime to participate in offers?

In light of what has been said so far and on Amazon in November (famous Black Friday / Cyber ​​Monday), so we recommend that you go through the Amazon Prime registration procedure and take advantage of the first ones. 30 days free only to try out special Prime Offers.

Plus, in addition to the ability to attend special events, starting from 4.99 Euros per month with a Prime subscription free same day delivery in thousands and thousands of products, Prime VideoWith a massive catalog of movies and TV shows streaming (and 16 Champions League games per season), subscription Amazon Music base, unlimited cloud space Amazon Photos (and 5GB free for videos) and the ability to subscribe to a channel for free ..

Subscribe to Amazon Prime and enjoy a free 30-day trial

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