Football: At 27, the “real” Lindsey Thomas finally hits the market

Football: At 27, the "real" Lindsey Thomas finally hits the market

Alone from Guadeloupe, torn between host families and multiple clubs, AC Milan striker Lindsey Thomas found a necessary “credibility” for his development in Italy, eventually making his 27-year-old French team and their long-time “TV-watched” stars. discovered. .

The long road he left the West Indies at the age of 15 and a half is fraught with pitfalls for the “rossonera” winger whose potential is sometimes slow to express himself. “We don’t know if we saw the real Lindsey or her twin today”sometimes heard.
“I was a very suspicious player when I was young. This can be explained in my way, I had to build myself a little bit”Thomas told AFP.

Surrounded by men at his first club, AJS Saintoise, he arrived in mainland France in 2010 and alternated between sports studies at Mérignac (Gironde) and football with ES Blanquefort: “The most complicated thing was finding myself with only girls”.
She struggles to find a place at the boarding school during the week. “basis” weekends are solid. “I changed host families three times in Bordeaux”. has been “most of the time when I + top, top + not”without the support of their relatives, because “I didn’t want to scare them”. “It’s not always easy to search at 8,000 km when there’s a problem”says.

The rest was written in Montpellier with high school, a “stable host family”Won the U19 title and hope to go to the first team. “Everything was going more or less well”she remembers.
But MHSC is moving it from loan to loan (Bordeaux, Dijon, Basel in Switzerland) without giving up Lindsey Thomas. “The values ​​I instilled in my youth helped me not to deviate” and “Go through phases little by little, even when you’re alone, when there’s no one here”.
During this time, he scored a hat-trick against Romania (7-0) in the Turkish Cup, collecting 25 picks in the youth categories, until the last in March 2019.
Shortly thereafter, he went to La Botte, AS Roma (2019-2022) and then to AC Milan, where he developed.
“They respected my qualities as an actress, I found myself comfortable as a woman, I was respected”, he assures. in Italy, where “We focus less on the negative aspects”, “These three years have allowed me to gain more confidence, calmer and more confident in my qualities.”.
Last season, the right wing scored ten goals in Serie A and sixteen in all competitions, catching the attention of Corinne Deacon, who called her to the France team for the first time.

The news came during training with Milan. “Here’s Lindsey, it’s fine this time”teaches him a leader. “I was a little shocked, I certainly wasn’t expecting it”.

took it “a day or two” to assimilate. “I was so stressed and nervous, I didn’t know what to expect”. If he’s met players in D1 or the junior selection, he’s more used to seeing it. “on TV”. “There I was going to the Château (de Clairefontaine) to have this experience with them.”.

The striker, who entered the game with a penalty (2-1 loss) in Germany on Friday, has just received the BPJEPS (Professional certificate for youth, popular education and sport), weightlifting option. “To be able to teach in a gym or with an athlete or a team”.
“I took the first step for my post-career, I will enjoy the calm and quiet football there”he concludes.

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