Disastrous pretext following Iker Casillas’ false debut infuriates fans

Disastrous pretext following Iker Casillas' false debut infuriates fans

This is the situation that has shaken Spain for several hours. Football legend Iker Casillas made a false statement on Twitter before justifying himself in an unusual way. A never-ending statement for supporters.

But what happened to him? That’s definitely the question millions of fans around the world are asking right now about the glory of victory. real Madrid, Iker Cassilas. Former goalkeeper of the Spanish selection, Casa Blanca and FC Porto He posted a message on Twitter yesterday claiming to be gay. A real earthquake in a sport where few people talk about discussing their sexuality. Some saw it as a logical step in the fight against homophobia, which unfortunately still looms large in the football world. But after a few hours Spanish deleted his tweet and tried to legitimize this exit…

‘I’m gay’, Iker Casillas and his fraud exposed

Twitter football was in turmoil this Sunday. Former Spain goalkeeper Iker Casillas has been trending thanks to a single message posted: “I hope you respect me: I’m gay“A general surprise in the world’s most practiced and admired sport. First appearance of a big name in football. It could have been a big step for sports, but football’s reaction. carles puyolThe former captain of FC Barcelona raised some doubts about the goalkeeper’s statement:It’s time to tell our story. Iker.“A few minutes after these posts, Spanish media claimed that it was a joke to end the rumors about the incident. Casillas’ emotional customs. Then the latter deleted the post a few hours later before leaving an unconvincing excuse.

hack as description

This “joke“For the thousands of internet users who attacked Iker Casillas, it seems like it never passed. It is not possible to make humor about something as serious as homosexuality in football. Josh CavalloOne of the few football players who has come out as gay expressed his disgust on Twitter: “Making fun and jokes about showing up in football is disappointing (…) To see my role models and the legend of the game make fun of coming out and my community is beyond disrespectful“.

Then the relevant manager spoke in turn. “Hacked account. Fortunately everything is fine. I apologize to all my followers. And of course, no more apologies to the LGBT community.The so-called hack that did not explain Puyol’s reaction and was not convincing to internet users.

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