Zara’s trendy new jewelry collection

Zara colección complementos solares

Zara It is probably the most famous brand of the Inditex group, especially because of its extensive catalog full of many products. laundry Y Accessories with excellent value for money. On this occasion, we will analyze the new collection jewels that the company offers to the market Top quality set created by jewelery designer Elie TopIt is one of the most recognizable high jewellery.

Elie Top has created a very complete collection that includes: necklaces, earrings, belts and rings for Zara. Bees and the Sun are two elements that bring light and joy to a season like autumn that welcomes the coldest and darkest days. Then we tell you everything you need to know about this high quality collection.

Zara’s new collection of sun jewelry

In this part of the article, we will analyze one by one The elements that make up this collection are very cheerful, original and aesthetically beautiful.. With any of them open, you will not leave anyone indifferent. These are as follows:

Elie Top Zara collection
A model posing with some elements of the new Zara jewelery collection

Zara bee flower earrings

some long earrings with flowers and bees as decorative motifs. Clip closure and crystals used in the designs are Swarovski. It is a jewelry made of gold plated brass and black enamel. As for their size, They are 14 cm wide and 4.5 cm long.. As for the price, they are worth 99.95 eurosConsidering that the designer of these Zara earrings is Elie Top, it’s a reasonable price.

bee flower earrings Zara
Elie Top’s bee flower earrings are on sale at Zara

Zara bee flower necklace

This is an adjustable choker necklace. Embellished with flowers and bees made with Swarovski crystals. It includes a bayonet closure with an aesthetic protective fuse that covers it. Opening level adjustable, so you can place it in whatever way is most comfortable for you. Finally, 25 centimeters long and 14 wide and worth 239 euros.

bee flower necklace Zara
Bee flower necklace from the new Zara collection

Zara bee flower rings

You can choose up to three different ones, but they all feature flowers and bees. But our favorite Bee and flower couple ring worth 69.95 euros. The other two cost less, specifically 49.95 euros, but have a lower level of detail. So far, we’ve analyzed what are the best jewelry for us from this new Zara collection.

Zara new collection ring
Double bee and bee flower ring sold at Zara

About the designer of this jewelery collection sold at Zara

Elie Top was born and raised in an industrial city in the north of France. At the age of 17 she was very confident that she wanted to devote herself to the jewelery world, and she soon entered as an intern at major companies such as Lacroix and Dior. Again, His greatest professional development took place during his time at Yves Saint Laurent.. He soon realized that his work had a lot to do with architecture and mechanics, so his works are full of movement, full of elaborate artistic details.… This Zara collection is the epitome of elite jeweler’s style.

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