WhatsApp is switching and infuriating users, what’s going on

gruppo meta mette le pubblicità su whatsapp

Instant messaging platform WhatsApp is planning some news that will infuriate many users who have used the application completely free, fast and secure until now.

Many recent changes by WhatsApp have greatly improved its use, and other updates such as extended video calls to 32 participants are planned for the future. However, not everything seems to turn in favor of users.

meta group puts ads on whatsapp
WhatsApp implements advertising – solofinanza.it

Planned update for WhatsApp

The American company WhatsApp, which was acquired by Zuckerberg’s Meta group on February 19, 2014 for an incredible $19 billion in 2014, has undergone many changes over the years that either improve or worsen the experience of its users. Among the bankruptcy updates, we can also recall the provision for the payment of the application, which caused an unequivocally negative response from users, so much so that it prompted an immediate response by the company.

WhatsApp, which has millions of active users every day, continues to create new advantages and positive updates, and struggles with its competitors. The next update is about the increase of users present during a video call.

According to the latest news, a nightmare is about to strike users’ smartphones as Meta has officially announced that ads will be coming soon to WhatsApp to reverse the negative trend in the shares the company has held for the past few years. .

For this reason, the ads will serve to keep the company afloat and will provide users with personalized ads based on their interests. It is still unclear how and how this update will be implemented, but Zuckerberg ensures that data in chats is always completely private and secure.

meta new ads on whatsapp
Whatsapp infuriates its users with ads – pixabay

WhatsApp ads are coming

Ads can be displayed through banners, during chats, during launch or when viewing WhatsApp’s status. Unfortunately, nothing was mentioned in the official press release, but users are genuinely afraid that these ads will make it difficult to use the chat and worsen the overall experience.

That’s why the Meta team will need to make sure that they manage this update very well, otherwise there will be a greater risk of losing users who will switch to other instant messaging platforms that have had great success in recent months.

The personalization that will be used to select the ads to be included in the application will also be used for the other social networks of the group, Instagram and Facebook. Through the data collected during navigation, artificial intelligence will be able to understand user preferences and their relationships and interactions with other users, for example, by making use of the number of likes, followed people. This will certainly ensure that its users have more information to guarantee targeted advertising, but it is still not certain whether they will be well received by everyone.

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