The unstoppable creative transformation of the ‘health’ industry

Natxo Díaz (CCO) y Elvira Arzubialde, presidenta Aeaps y CEO de Vmly&r Health.

2022 will forever remain in the collective visions as a year of widespread communication. health lived his special creative transformation. We live our elders push. No doubt, health is fashion and also a box full of pleasant and unexpected surprises. We’ve seen this at the industry’s main festivals and gatherings, with more and more betting every day. creativity and for innovation to meet marketing, communications and ultimately business objectives. And this is wonderful. we are looking thriving industry besides doing remarkable work, he contributes to changing lives with it. And this, of course, is even more wonderful.

“In addition to doing important work, we see a thriving industry with it helping to change lives.”

Creative trends in health

Do a little “recap” first half of the year and by analyzing trends in the industry, it is easy to understand the reason for this enormous boom. As one of the most advanced in our industry also at the communicative level. Request:

‘Health’ is finally part of the ‘mainstream’

And there is no better news than that. Because the more people talk about health, the easier it is to give it the attention it deserves. While the pandemic has brought terrible and unimaginable situations to our lives, it has also fueled a growing (and unstoppable) situation. health awareness and care cultureplacing it as a basic need as well as eating, resting, or interacting.

“While the pandemic has brought terrible and unimaginable situations to our lives, it has fostered a growing awareness of health and a culture of care, making it as basic a need as eating, resting or socializing.”

The good news is that great creative work not only helps to sustain this trend seen in the industry, but also helping to drive even more. And this is a great victory for the entire industry. So, if you are reading this, you are most likely a part of it and therefore this is also your victory. Do not hesitate, congratulate yourself for it.

Breaking the eternal taboo of mental health

Finally. this sanity It is by far one of the hottest topics and the most reflected in the sector’s campaigns. And with very good results. many years later a taboo subject that we try to exclude from our lives (at least outside), visibility present and current normalization today allows us to open up more to others and express how we feel. The pandemic is undoubtedly a renewed focus and opened our eyes the importance of normal and clear speech what we’ve been through. As advertisers in the healthcare world, we have an obligation to demonstrate this. And it is another success of the industry that we see reflected. great rewards campaigns In Cannes or Clio, not just in categories, but in almost all categories health.

It’s another achievement for the industry to see it reflected in great award-winning campaigns in Cannes or Clio, not just in health, but in almost all categories.”

Why engaging with the ‘craft’ or practice is as important as coming up with ideas

Inside VMLY&R Health We have the proverb that you have a great idea with bad execution In the end it will just be another idea. However, a realized stack idea taste and attention to detailcan turn into success. We’ve seen this in some of the most award-winning campaigns of the year, albeit simple ideas. A privileged place at Creative Olympus thanks to his level craft audiovisual, digital, CX, technological or design.

“We’ve seen simple ideas take a special place on Creative Olympus in some of the most awarded campaigns of the year”.

Technology, data and creativity: the best possible partnership for progress

we see how creativity relies more and more on technology as a driving force for transformation. Ideas that make the most of advances in data and technology to create better experiences for patients and healthcare professionals. Brands understand that it can be built innovative projects to join other brands with which they share a common purpose. The bottom line is how technology, creativity, strategy and innovation converge around common problems spanning multiple organisations, specialties and communities, and “what can we do to solve them?” We see you ask. And it’s often questions like these that drive progress. thumbs up.

“Brands understand that innovative projects can be built by joining other brands with whom they share a common purpose.”

You play YES with health

this play a game Go on unstoppable growthbe an ideal tool for creative relationship between brand and customer. And this is normal, because in health this makes a lot of sense. we are watching from Med Ed projects even brands that are really different trying to persuade people to get vaccinated. We also see the use of metaverses and NFTs, moving towards health to create. pathology detection awareness like cancer. A great future ahead.

“We see it from MedEd projects that are really differentiating, to brands trying to persuade people to get vaccinated.”

Metaverse train running at full speed

While we’ve seen a few really creative projects on the Metaverse in the last few months, multiply the number of projects, and their quality. More and more projects are coming in the world low poly In the purest Nintendo Wii style to enter new and innovative worlds. It is true that these primary solutions they were and are useful during the pandemic meetings or training. But don’t be fooled, this isn’t the Metaverse.

“It is true that these primary solutions are useful and useful for meetings or training during the pandemic.”

What is clear is that Web 3.0 Will have great impact on our industry and it will transform it. It’s safe to predict that we’ll be seeing much more of this in the coming months. Tip: If you don’t want to be late or get in last, you’d better get on this train as soon as possible.

DE&I – The vital importance of diversity, equity and inclusion in health

There’s more and more brand and agency work put focus on diversity, equality and inclusion. No wonder we see great works that focus on Communication at DE&Ireflection invitation to do fairer access to health and fair to all.

“It’s not surprising that we’re seeing great work that focuses its communications on DE&I, urging us to make access to health more equitable and fair for all.”

One thing is for sure, it’s what this year has taught us. creativity transforms health. We don’t know how far it will take us, but we know we will. active part this exciting journey

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