“September”, a film by Loklaro Entertainment and Pepitadinamita Studios

"September", a film by Loklaro Entertainment and Pepitadinamita Studios

David Villanueva and Cristina Mediero, Alex and Alma in fiction, the protagonists of the movie.


CULTURE.- LoklaroEntertainment Y Nugget Studios Open the new course with ambitious audio-visual projects. The production company plans to shoot this month “September”First feature film signed by Carlos Aceitunomade by Christina Mediero Y David Villanuevain this project with two production companies from Jaén who are committed to films made on their land.

It will be in the shooting schedule Valdepenas de Jaen. The mountain town of Jaén has been the enclave chosen as the setting for the many locations it offers, both outdoors and indoors, as well as facilitating teamwork, as both production companies have their headquarters close to the capital.

“September” movie with Andalusian accent

This Spanish romantic drama he directed Carlos Aceituno It goes into the audience’s guts to confront us with some love hypotheses based on the idea that “we are all reunited with a love from the past”. That’s when we ask ourselves: What if things were different? What if we could fix it? Are we still in love with that person or with the memory of that time?

Talking about all this SEPTEMBERembodied in the receive characters (Christina Mediero) and Alex (David Villanueva) boyfriends of teenagers. 20 years later, a chance meeting confirms that even though they don’t know each other, they remember each other. A very different weekend becomes the key to the unknown: “Will it be enough to close the loop or is it just an emotional brace to escape their lives?” Alex was stuck in the town: years passed, and conformism was eating away at his dreams that he could never fulfill. Now pregnant, Alma returns to her parents’ home to seal the sale, thus closing her past with the town – but in reality she is avoiding a toxic relationship with her young child’s father. It will be then when the moment of reunion comes in their hometown and both characters seek mutual shelter emotionally and nostalgically. Among the spells there is also room for lamenting lost opportunities, knowing that they will soon return to the devouring routine again. Love, frustration and fleeting memories like those that end just before the start of the course. SEPTEMBER.

A strong team of film and production professionals

Too much LoklaroEntertainment What Nugget Studios They are production companies that have received many awards for productions before Jaén. The synergy of this union of forces in Andalusian audiovisual, SEPTEMBER The representative of Andalusian and Jaén culture, presented by Valdepeñas de Jaén, is an interesting cultural product both for its history and for the places chosen for shooting.

Carlos AceitunoThe director, who will be his first feature film, underlines the more human side of the protagonists: “We wanted to make a sincere film that puts more emphasis on the characters and acting. I decided to go back to the origins, prioritizing the emotional over the technical.”

Actress Christina Medierolike who is pregnant Spiritthe character she plays and who is also waiting for her baby,”Spirit He is the most exciting character I will ever play. Being almost seven months pregnant and the character being pregnant, telling such a simple and intense story is a real gift.”

David Villanueva She admits that she felt overwhelmed. “Vertigo, adrenaline and emotion are the words to describe this feeling that lives inside me as part of this ambitious film project. from his hand Alex I will embark on a unique journey with one goal: to play and share what is played,” the actor says.

On your own behalf Elena Diaz of the Nugget Studios It was clear from the very first moment: “It had to be done without further ado, it deserved to be brought to the big screen because of the enthusiasm and energy that surrounded the story. “There was no doubt, it had to be produced no matter the cost,” he said.

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