Paris Volley is a hit and Paris Basket hits bottom… It was your sports weekend in Île-de-France

Paris Volley is a hit and Paris Basket hits bottom... It was your sports weekend in Île-de-France

“Le Parisien” returns every weekend to all the results and highlights of sporting events in Île-de-France. overview

Handball: PSG continues after the Ile-de-France derby… not Créteil

Last weekend, the derby had largely turned in favor of the Parisian handball players (35-26). The latter is in contact with the leader of Nantes, who is still undefeated thanks to their victory over the Istrean red light (35-28) on Saturday evening. The players of the capital club were able to count on 7 goals from Polish center Kamil Syprzak and especially 15 saves from goalkeeper Andreas Palicka.

Créteil had a different fate when they took Nîmes. Dominating from the start, the Cristolliens did not stray far from reversing the trend, returning to par (23-23) less than a quarter hour after the final whistle. They eventually lost 27-30, their fourth defeat in five Starligue games this season. They will have to start again at the start of the sixth day of the championship at Dunkirk on Thursday to avoid relegation.

In the Proligue, Pontault-Combault remains in the lead, but nearly conceded his first Bordeaux defeat of the season before rebounding in the final minutes to a 32-30 win. The match was also hotly contested for Massy against Sarrebourg. At halftime, Massicois was only a small point behind the visitors (17-18), but failed to take the lead. They lost 33-30 in this last match before the international break. For their part, Tremblay is still at the top of the standings, in fifth place (30-28) thanks to their success against Billère.

Victory for Frenchman Yann Schrub at 20km of Paris

for Cocorico 20 km from Paris. Only two months after winning the bronze medal in the 10,000m at the European Athletics Championships in Munich, Frenchman Yann Schrub took the finish on the streets of the capital on Sunday morning. The Moselle crossed the finish line in 58 minutes and 3 seconds, a small second ahead of her top two followers, Elvis Tabarach of Kenya and Abdelilah El Maimouni of Morocco. Among the headlines of the race, European 10,000m champion Morhad Amdouni placed 10th with a time of 58 minutes 37 seconds.

Basketball: Nanterre revived in Nancy, sunk in Paris Limoges

Paris Basketball still looking for its first victory Best of the season at Betclic Elite. His trip to Limoges, again at the bottom of the standings and seeking first success, looked like a good opportunity to start the season. But the Parisians took time to get into their game and were down 12 points at the end of the first quarter. Will Weaver’s men then rallied and went back to CSP’s two minor points before the final round, which eventually saw them bow down with a score of 107-100. They remained the last of Betclic Élite before starting their European campaign against Türk Telekomspor on Tuesday evening.

At the same time, Nanterre returned to success in the east of France. Against Nancy, the residents of Ile-de-France shuddered to the end, but after one misstep on the Fos-sur-Mer floor they walked away with a one-week 87-82 win. They stay in the soft belly of Betclic Elite but when they get Roanne next Saturday they will have the opportunity to grab a few more places.

Among women, Sceaux slows down. In three success streaks, including two very comfortable wins against Stade Français (77-51) and FC Lyon ASVEL (99-71), players south of Hauts-de-Seine suffered their second defeat of the season against Cavigal . Beautiful (72-83). Thus, they miss the opportunity to become Voiron’s dauphines and even lose their place on the podium. Sannois-Saint Gratien players are not confirming after their grab-and-go win against Villeurbanne last weekend. At Trith (North) they have suffered a third defeat (72-60) in four games since the start of the season. After a narrow defeat (58-62) against Stade Français last Saturday, the Orly players were unable to come back to victory over Roanne (51-63).

Volleyball: Paris presents reigning champion, Le Plessis-Robinson kicks off season

Montpellier is unrecognizable at the start of the 2022-2023 season. More than a week after his unsuccessful start against Saint-Nazaire (3-1 loss), lost again against the defending champion Paris Volleyball On the final score of 3-0. On defense, the Parisians carried a much more effective block with nine blocks, while Joachim Panou – Julian Weisigk’s 33 points worked wonders on offense. Le Plessis-Robinson also recorded its first success in Ligue A after a heavy 3-0 defeat at Chaumont last Saturday. Hauts-de-Seine players won three sets to one against Cambrai, who will host Paris next Saturday.

Rugby: Stade Français on show, Racing 92 reassured

The weekend was productive for Ile-de-France rugby. To start Stade Français defeated Perpignan 52-3. After Lucas Velarte, who entered the game a few minutes ago, was kicked out of the game, the number of guests decreased to 10 in the 21st minute. Giorgi Melikidze and Juan John van der Mescht each scored two tries, while Léo Barré was quite skilled in the strokes, with six of the eight attempts recorded.

on his side, Racing 92 had to work a little harder to beat Pau (26-13). The match was particularly competitive at halftime, with the Ile-de-France region leading only three small points (6-3). Returning from the locker room, Scotsman Finn Russel, Christian Wade and Gaël Fickou gave his team a little breather with two penalties before opening the counterattack in the last quarter of an hour’s game.

In Pro D2, Massy’s rugby players took a big hit at the USA’s Carcassonne court with a 20v17 win. In the standings, Essonniens replaced their red light spots with their rivals. Next Friday, they’ll get Béziers to try to chain a third success.

Hockey: Cergy-Pontoise sank at Angers

Three no passes for Val-d’Oise players. Mulhouse after brief successes against BordeauxCergy-Pontoise hoped to confirm its current form against the Angevins. The Ligue Magnus dolphins didn’t give the visitors a chance, beating them 7-1 thanks to two braces for Tommy Giroux and Joey West. The Jokers will have the opportunity to gather themselves against Anglet again on Tuesday evening at Aren’Ice.


BASKETBALL. Besiktas Elite (4 days). Limoges-PARIS 107-100; Nancy – NANTERRE 87-82.

BASKETBALL (F). National 1 (4 days). ORLY BASKET – Roanne 51-63; IDEAS – Cavigal Nice 72-83; Trith Basket – SANNOIS-SAINT GRATIEN 72-60.

HANDBALL. star league (day 5): CRÉTEIL – Nîmes 27-30; Istres-PSG 28-35. preface (day 5): MASSY – Sarrebourg 30-33; TREMBLAY – Billère 30-28; Claret red – PONTAULT-COMBAULT 30-32.

HOCKEY. Magnus League (Day 9): Angers – CERGY-PONTOISE 7-1.

RUGBY. top 14 (day 6): STADE FRANÇAIS – Perpignan 52-3; RACE 92 – Pau 26-13. Professional D2 (day 6): Carcassonne – MASSY 17-20.

VOLLEYBALL. League A (day 3): LE PLESSIS-ROBINSON – Cambrai 3-1; PARIS-Montpellier 3-0.

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