Jürgen Klopp, seven years at Liverpool, current season and Mohamed Salah

Jürgen Klopp, seven years at Liverpool, current season and Mohamed Salah

Jürgen Klopp answers questions about the seven years since his arrival at Liverpool and Mohamed Salah’s form in the third part of his pre-Arsenal press conference.

Speaking to reporters at the AXA training centre, the Reds boss spoke about the various challenges he has faced so far in England and examined his number 11 game and mindset.

On his seven years in the Premier League and how English football has changed…

Arsenal has always been there, City has always been there, but with a different manager. I think it’s getting better and better, which is great. Football is really developing, it is developing a lot. I have to think about football in general… better, faster, more intense. I think the Premier League has pretty much everyone in the world right now – I don’t want to forget anyone – but if you’re one of the best managers in a year, you’ll somehow make it to the Premier League. That’s more or less the case today, or you can come back like José. [Mourinho] in Italy or Carlo [Ancelotti] in spain. But otherwise, if you go to a Championship, the Premier League will not wait for you and will choose you. This means that top managers really do exist in the league, which makes life uncomfortable for everyone, because the better coaching you get, the better you can play. This is the league. Without a doubt, I can say that it is the best championship in the world. But that’s all. In fact, in the last three months, I never thought about the last seven years. That means I really don’t know, but I hope you’re happy with the answer because it surprised me.

On the similarities between Mikel Arteta’s job at Arsenal and his job at Liverpool…

I’m sure Arsenal fans are pretty happy with where they are right now. They don’t expect to win the championship right away – I don’t know Arsenal fans very well anyway. Maybe, but I’m not very fond of Arsenal so I can’t really compare. Now I’ve said all about the team I know and I can talk about the teams they’ve had in recent years. Arsenal are undoubtedly a great club and we had some great games against them, especially at home, with many goals scored on both sides, that sort of thing – 5-5 in the cup with the youth teams. So it’s a great club that plays a certain kind of football under Arsene (Wenger), which then went through a few changes but quickly found its way back. Arsenal play in the Europa League, they didn’t play last year, but they are now ready for the next stage and need to see how they do in all competitions – the next three, four competitions – and that sort of thing. It might be similar but I don’t know exactly.

Is Salah ‘about to explode’ in terms of goals and performances?

I guess it’s like ours with Mo: I hope, I don’t know, I hope we’re close to bursting, let me put it this way. Again, you can say whatever you want about Mo and this and that. Yeah, is it his season so far? No, like all of us. We can select them all and say, “Is this his season? Number. Is it its season? No.’ And on our side, whose season is it? No one, because we are used to a certain image in our minds, “Oh, that’s it”. But we are human. We have to make sure the team is performing well and everyone can be the best version of themselves again, that’s the idea behind it all. But that’s the case with Mo, even if the goal score isn’t very high, he’s often involved – Darwin’s assists in the last game. The problem is, if you don’t score around it, nobody appreciates it. The passes aren’t bad actually. So no scoring a goal, no losing a ball here – but yes, three, four important passes [étaient] extraordinary.

My life as a coach is easier because I rewatch the whole game, not just the highlights. So I see those little things too, which is good for me. But I understand. No one in the world can face this situation[Erling] What Haaland is doing right now is crazy. How he shook his head as he scored the second goal in the Champions League: ‘Of course I can do whatever I want, the ball bounced off my feet’. But he is an exceptional player on an exceptional team and obviously works very well together. And then I don’t think you should compare anyone – at least I don’t. Everything is going well.

On Salah’s eagerness to score goals…

No doubt he wants to score goals. Desperately, 100%. This will never change. If you say 20 years from now, it will still be the same, no doubt. This cannot change. But he recovered and from my point of view Mo defended at an incredibly high level against Rangers, for example. My game situation was when Mo defended the half spaces and won the ball from behind, coming from the blind side. [de l’adversaire] and he won the ball there. This was my game state. I haven’t told anyone yet, and if you look back at the game you might not find it, but it was great because it showed us what we had to do that day. From then on we can play football. If this team is defending at the highest level, we can play well and that’s what we need to do.

As to whether he thought he would stay at Liverpool for seven years when he arrived…

I didn’t have a plan for seven years, let me put it that way. I didn’t think, “We’re doing this now and we’re going to be rewarded for it seven years from now.” No, I didn’t think of that. But I guess at the press conference [d’inauguration]I said four years. Did I mention that if I’m here in four years, we’ll probably have gained something? I’m not 100% sure it’s working. That day, I was happy to survive the press conference as my English is not very good. I know I said a lot of things, some that people remember and some that thankfully forgot. It’s the same at press conferences, I’m still the same today!

As for whether he thought seven years was long enough…

[Rires] I should have done it before signing a new contract! No, the situation in the clubs was really different. It’s a little clarification, the seven-year period isn’t planned or whatever, or because I’m out of energy or that sort of thing. I was manager in Mainz and three years later we were promoted to the Bundesliga and three years later we were relegated to the second Bundesliga. We tried another year and the club needed a change because the players left us in the Bundesliga. [Mayence] A new beginning was needed, that’s for sure. I was full of energy, went straight to Dortmund and everything went well. i could stay there [Mayence], they wanted me to stay, nobody thought it was over. Only that year we were unable to remake the Bundesliga, as we were fourth in the minor leagues.

Dortmund, seven years and it was fair [parce que] The situation was such that players withdrew – were bought by other clubs or left for some reason. It was really hard work to do and keep doing, taking two steps back instead of building a team. Everyone was asking you, “Why aren’t you as good as last year?” or “Why aren’t you better than last year?” “Also we would be happy if we could be as good as last year, we lost key players in different positions. It was really intense and really tiring to give us some time. So I said, ‘Come on, we have to stop here.’ I said I’d give it to him because I think it was fictitious back then: I think Pep [Guardiola] and Thomas Tuchel did it and I said to myself: “Why shouldn’t I take a year off? Let’s try. I couldn’t, I was there four months later!

I have absolutely no energy problems and the situation is completely different here. I can understand that I broke up seven years later and now we’re in trouble here and people are taking it but if you think twice you will realize that the situation is completely different. This is different. I am old, everyone is old, but time passes. That’s good too. I took so much that gave you strength, that’s where we are now. Yes, it’s a difficult time. Did I think before the season that we would be ninth after the seventh match day? No, because I don’t think about those kinds of things, but that’s the baseline we have now and we’ll go from there. If there is a club that can get through all of this together, it’s us. We don’t have to do things the same way as others.

I know Chelsea fired Thomas Tuchel by one more point. Everyone in Germany said, “Tuchel was sacked by 10 points and Klopp remained in place by nine,” but you don’t have to ask me why. We still have the opportunity to create something truly special from this point. Do we feel like champions at the end of the year right now? Unfortunately not, but we are yet to be knocked out in all other competitions and no one knows where we will stand in the league. So you have to try. That is all. Hard ? Yes. Impossible ? Number. That’s enough – let’s go.

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