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How Apple Fitness + Works |  Smart World

anyone who owns apple watch and/or a iPhone, they will have noticed the application events, following our statistics movement, exercise and integrates with standing time and practice Health.

But Apple went above and beyond and was introduced in 2020 Sports +a subscription service exercises, exercises and such. But How does Apple Fitness+ work in 2022?? In this article we will show you thingsHow subscribe to and how exploit it various functions even without apple watch.


What is Apple Fitness +

Announced in 2020 (coincidentally during the full pandemic), but Italy in November 2021, Apple Fitness + (you can find our review here) is a service fitness And to practice customized, subscription-based and designed to stay fit specially designed for owners apple watch.

In fact, the service is very diverse exercises, exercises And meditations, managed and divided by trainers recorded sessions that you can reproduce yourself iPhone (Here it is Our iPhone 14 reviewin case you missed it) iPad or apple tv.

But why did we say you need it? apple watch? Why, at least for a while, access the service you must have Apple Watch Series 3 or later. Apple then he decided to change this rule and in the fall he decided to Update to integrate Fitness + into Activity app (that’s why we associated them in the entry) iOS 16 and will let Activate from iPhone too.

With Sports + we therefore two kinds of functions:le exercise routineand activity monitoringthis happens via the Apple Watch.

Exercises lasting between 5 and 45 minutes, take a look at yourself On one of the Apple devices (also via AirPlay on the Mac) and divided into: 11th categories: HIIT Cardio Workout, Yoga, Core, Pilates, Strengthening, Treadmill (Walk or Run), Cycling, Rowing Machine, Dance and Mindful Cooldown (combines stretching with guided meditation).

how apple fitness + works

routines Sports + In most cases it is designed to be watched at home with minimal equipment and you can view it in one corner of the screen during a session. screen heart rate and Activity rings, as well as Apple Watch.

when you reach milestones like closing an operating cycleAn animation appears on the screen to motivate you and you face yourself with others who have previously exercised as part of aperformance bar“To give you an extra boost. Also, during a particularly tough session, you’ll see a countdown so you know how much more you need to sweat.

how apple fitness + works

But Apple it gave some “taste” to the service, so to motivate you and don’t follow a workout monotonously. First of all, sessions series It is divided into “sections” and you can also choose from segmented sections. beginners, to the people in old agepregnant women, new momsor winter sports.

As if that wasn’t enough, you can track a person’s workouts. private trainerand match workouts with one music playlist from famous artists. section name”featured artist“and it includes K-pop stars like BTS or ABBA as well as the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Alicia Keys, not all of them have to subscribe to Apple Music.

There are strings at the end We walk and runaudio experiences on iPhone or apple watchIt will be listened to with Bluetooth headphones. let’s walk Designed to encourage users to walk more often, it has performed with famous people (from Prince William to actors or singers) sharing stories, photos and music. let’s run instead it is designed to motivate people to run. running It is popular in some of the most iconic places in the world, such as Yellostone Park or Mexico City. In addition to these initiatives, Apple has also thought of people in the industry. wheelchairWith experiences of Walking or Pushing and Running or Pushing.

Apple adds new videos every week. exercises, contents artists and when you have completed at least three Fitness + workouts, you will receive personalized recommendations. top of the app.

How does Apple Fitness+ work?

How to subscribe to Apple Fitness + and fees

Now that we’ve seen what Apple Fitness+ is, let’s see how to subscribe.

We’ve said it before, a few more months Apple Watch Series 3 to register, only after you pass this step, iPhonea iPad or apple tv to watch training videos (in which case you won’t see Activity metrics).

Devices supported by Sports + these are:

  • iPhone 6s and later (with at least iOS 14.3, but most functions require iOS 15)
  • iPad Pro, iPad (5th generation and later), iPad Mini4 and then, iPad Air 2 and later (with at least iPadOS 14.3, but most functions require iPadOS 15)
  • apple tv HD and 4K (with at least tvOS 14.3, but tvOS 15 is required for most functions)
  • AirPlay: compatible smart TVs, MacBook Pro and Air from 2018, iMac from 2019, Mac mini, iMac Pro and Mac Pro from 2020

Fitness + membership costs 9.99 euros per month or 79.99 euros per year. Anyone who buys an Apple Watch is entitled to: 3 months freeIf you already have an Apple Watch, one month free.

For subscribe to For Apple Fitness+, follow these steps from iPhone, iPad or Apple TV

  1. open app fitness.
  2. To touch Apple Fitness + at the bottom of the screen.
  3. To touch Start.
  4. tap your offer free trial (one test per person or family).
  5. Sign in with yours your Apple ID and relative password.
  6. Check your billing information and add a valid payment method.
  7. To touch Subscribe to.

How to use Apple Fitness+

Now that we signed up apple Fitness +, let’s see how start a workout. If you’re just starting out and haven’t completed three sessions yet, you won’t have the i. tipsinstead it will appear later.

Compatible Devices

as we see in previous paragraphexercises can also be reflected smart tv or Macs that support AirPlay, but unfortunately Fitness+ does not support a two-person workout. So if you are in the company, the second person will not see their metrics on the screen.

Sports + but supports Face Time And SharePlay, then you can Distance Learning With your contacts, as long as they’re both Fitness+ members.

  1. Open iPhone, open app fitness and tap the panel Sports +, when open iPad or apple tvopen app fitness.
  2. choose one Education Type.
  3. Tap or select the button Filter.
  4. To touch an option filter to narrow the search for the type of workout you want to perform

how apple fitness + works

For each workout, you can:

  • tap or select Preview to watch a preview of the training, where the instructor presents an overview of the training structure, playlist and goals to be achieved.
  • Record a workout at the touch of a button Add On iPhone or iPad by selecting or Save Workout (Save Workout) on Apple TV. To access your saved workouts my workouts Below Fitness +.
  • Consult music playlist planned for education. If you have an Apple Music subscription, tap or select Listen on Apple Music to add the playlist to Apple Music.

starting a workout

At this point you are ready start a workout.

Open iPhone And iPad:

  1. To touch Let’s start!
  2. touch the button Play to view your metrics apple watch on the screen.
  3. Pause and resume the workout as needed on your device or Apple Watch.

At the end of the workout, you can consult: training metricsincluding full training time, average heart rate, active calories burned, total calories burned and more, or start a training session Conscious cooling.

Open apple tv a little different on this one

  1. open app fitness.
  2. Choose your account name. choose Other you are not signed in with the primary account and the Apple Watch is not paired with the Apple TV. to matchapple watchopen app To practice Enter the code displayed on your watch and Apple TV.
  3. Find and select your workout.
  4. Select button Play To view Apple Watch metrics on the screen

After that, you can manage everything from Apple Watch like this: iPhone or iPad.

every video Sports + includes three different trainers is displayed on the screen at the same time, and at least one of these trainers will perform a “modified” version of the workout, simpler or less strenuous, in addition to being able to choose the duration of the workout.

If you’re a beginner, Apple has added one video series 10 to 20 minutes with trainer only and provide relevant instructions configuration equipment or how to do a particular exercise.

how apple fitness + works

as we said in first paragraphfitness + videos, apple musicIt can also be heard by non-Apple Music subscribers, but if you are download playlists To listen to them even outside of Fitness +.

how apple fitness + works

Apple adds every week new videos with goals that will motivate you and with new intervals on a regular basis artists or famous people for sessions let’s walk And Let’s run.

How to use Apple Fitness + without Apple Watch?

As we said at the beginning, a few more months apple watch to activate the service Sports +, but starting this fall an iPhone (with iOS 16) will suffice.

That said, once enabled the service You can follow workouts very well even without an Apple Watch.

To use Apple Fitness + Choose the workout you want to do as you normally would, without an Apple Watch, and Let’s Get Started!

When the app detects it No Apple Watch within range, it will alert you. To continue though continue without the clock. The workout will start, but you will not see details such as: heart rate And calorie on the screen. This is possible on iPhones and iPads, Apple TV and an Apple Watch are required.

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