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Arsenal marche sur l'eau en ce début de saison. (Icon Sport)

A real shock on this 10th day of the Premier League, leading Arsenal taking only a 9th place Liverpool at 17:30 this Sunday. Will logic be respected? More

Reds and Gunners swapped roles

2015-2016 final season Arsenal Finished in the top 4 in the Premier League. Since then, the Gunners have had an unpleasantly long period of time, oscillating between 5th and 8th place. During the previous exercise, 4th place seemed to have been promised to them, but they failed at full speed and were eventually overtaken by their rivals, Tottenham. Despite this frustrating outcome, the inhabitants of the Emirates returned with ambitions no longer attributed to them. After 8 matches played, they are currently in the lead. With a record of seven wins for a single defeat, no one expected Arsenal at this level.

For Liverpool, the exact opposite. 2015-2016 was the last season to not have the top 4. Between 2018 and 2022, the Reds also played for the title three times with coronation in 2020. Last year, they earned an almost incredible fivefold. But while it’s pretty logical to think they’ll still be there, Klopp’s men are now in the pit. In the 7 games they played in the league, they only got 10 points. Even if they raised the bar a bit in the Champions League, the crisis is not far away. It can only be recorded at the end of this Sunday’s match.

Arsenal looking to restore their image against big teams

Looking at the standings, Arsenal will be the favorite to host Liverpool. But in reality, Londoners have often displayed limitations against the Championship criteria in recent years. At the start of the season, they beat Tottenham during the derby, but their only defeat was against Manchester United, but they were 9 points behind (one game missing). Against City, the only team that managed to keep up with the set pace, the Gunners have won only two of the last sixteen games! These achievements were also registered in the FA Cup. You have to go back to 2015 to see Arsenal beat the Nationals in the Premier League! The balance sheet against today’s opponent is not very positive.

Last season, Diogo Jota scored four goals against Arsenal.  (Icon Sports)
Last season, Diogo Jota scored four goals against Arsenal. (Icon Sports)

In the league, Arsenal have beaten Liverpool only twice since the 2014-15 season. In this regard, the final victory was achieved in a certain context, in the middle of summer 2020. By the time England re-learned to play football after the COVID-19 pandemic, the Reds had already secured their 19th league title. Without counting this no-bet win, it is necessary to go back to April 4, 2015 to find the Gunners’ success against Liverpool in the Premier League. During the previous exercise, Mikel Arteta and his players met with the Mersey club four times. They lost 4-0 to Anfield in the league. They lost 2 goals to 0 at Emirates last March. The other two matches took place within the framework of the League Cup semi-finals. In the first leg, the Londoners managed to keep the score clean despite Granit Xhaka being kicked out in the 24th minute. This result raised hopes, but A double by Diogo Jota He ruined everything on the way back. Now Arsenal want revenge and at the same time a transfer of power.

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