Wouldn’t the opposition be less rude? – Multiplayer.it

Wouldn't the opposition be less rude?  - Multiplayer.it

yesterday organ antitrust Brazil left positive commentsAcquisition of Activision Blizzard from Microsoft approximately $70 billion. His opinion is non-binding (only those of the USA, the UK and the European Union are binding), but it still has weight because naturally other bodies performing the same functions are interested in knowing this point. Colleagues’ perspective. Not that they have to express themselves in the same way, but they can certainly consider various international approvals (or disapprovals) before expressing their opinion or making a request.

Such procedures always have rituals that are respected, first of all, competitors Persons involved in some way in the endorsement affected by the potential success of the deal. For example, today came the news that the European antitrust wants to hear the opinions of some developers before making a decision. That’s right: it’s right and holy to listen to as many voices as possible before making a decision.

Those who take some gains for granted are mistaken because these are long and complex transactions. If this were not the case, Microsoft would not have had to produce thousands of pages of documents for each organization, providing answers and additional materials as needed. He wouldn’t even have set up a dedicated team if needed, paying millions of dollars for lawyers and experts, but it would have been enough if he had hired a few social commentators and they would have kept the situation in their hands. In fact, we are talking about something so complex that it cannot simply be reduced to “they know what they are doing” (of course they do, but that doesn’t mean anything) and the result cannot be taken for granted, because it cannot be accepted. for given.

Jim Ryan has the right to seek to protect Sony's interests in any way possible.
Jim Ryan has the right to seek to protect Sony’s interests in any way possible.

It is also right for those who feel the threat to buy, to voice all their doubts about the case, as it is right and in their interests. After all, if the approval of competition authorities is needed, it is to protect all competitors, understood in the broadest sense of the reference market of the relevant companies. Monopoly can harm everyone, even the consumers themselves.

However, look at the president of a prestigious and powerful company. Sony Making rude opposition is not a nice sight. First, statements against Microsoft were made, discussed in the press, and then several trips to various antitrust agencies were publicly announced, including views expressed. Jim Ryan (we’re talking about him, of course) need not be indifferent. Indeed, as stated earlier, it is perfectly justified to try to do everything (within the law, of course) to blow up the acquisition. However, it can adopt a strategy that does not further pollute the environment but creates public conflicts, thereby involving players in a mere confrontation between billionaire multinational corporations whose aim is not the income and happiness of their shareholders, but their income and happiness. definitely the people. It also gives a slightly modified idea of ​​the power relations of the video game market in this way.

PlayStation is the first platform in the traditional console market, it’s fair to repeat that, and is ahead of Microsoft and Nintendo by varying lengths (billions of dollars read) in terms of annual revenues. Currently, the PS5 is the best-selling and requested next-gen console, and it may run out of stock every time it appears in a store. The brand is strong, the fan base is loyal and passionate, the company’s investments are multiplying in different directions, and success after success (think of landing on PC) the future is looking more and more rosy, so why be frightened by such forces? a Monopoly enough to bother post-acquisition Brazilian antitrust? That he went this way is evident from the reasons for the endorsement, which makes no mention of Sony, but refers directly to it:The main purpose of CADE’s activity is not to defend the specific interests of certain competitors, but to defend competition as a means of improving the well-being of Brazilian consumers.

Paradoxically, by doing this you risk getting the opposite effect to the desired effect. Top of the class shouts monopoly against the third…

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