Tragedy during a football match in Argentina

Tragedy during a football match in Argentina

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El Dia Talking about ” madness “of” barbarism in one. This “tragic night making headlines Hello this Friday morning: What should have been a party turned out to be one of the saddest days in Argentine football “. The diary describes this 23rd day of the Argentine championship: “ In the ninth minute of the first half between Gimnasia and Boca, a cloud of gas forced the referee (…) to stop the match. “. This cloud came from outside the stadium. Actually, ” possible oversold “says the newspaper voz. ” The police did not allow fans with tickets to enter the stadium. Police fired rubber bullets “, recount Hello.

followed absolute chaos », « supporters, all their families and journalists were attacked by the police “. Conclusion, written clarinet: “ one dead, one child lost sight and several dozen injured “. Inside PeopleOne Member of Parliament” Brutal repression by the Buenos Aires police “. ” Even if it hurts us that’s who we are » concludes clarinet. ” The body responsible for providing security did not have the capacity to do so and indiscriminately distributed tear gas and bullets. “. ” Police repression must be absolutely rejected.”comes to the conclusion clarinetbecause it takes us to dark places “The head of security has been changed. a few hours before the event “, definite voz.

United States of America: A step towards decriminalizing marijuana?

most Washington post Returns this Friday to the pardon granted by Joe Biden, a collective amnesty to anyone convicted for possession of marijuana at the federal level. The American president is asking the governors of various states to do the same. ” This measure marks a major step towards decriminalization “, Summer Washington post. Its management should review the cannabis classification, which currently remains on the list of most dangerous drugs. The newspaper draws attention to the fact that Joe Biden is developing more slowly than his party in this regard. Wrote, remembered politicsSome drug laws that decriminalization advocates say have led to current incarceration rates “.

Today, ” no one is in federal prison just for possession of marijuana “The newspaper notes, but around 6,500 people will see this conviction erased from their files. This announcement comes just a month before the midterm elections. “Currently, 37 states and the District of Columbia have legalized medical marijuana, and 19 states have legalized recreational marijuana. “, details politics. ” Five states to vote to legalize recreational marijuana in midterm elections “. conservative National Review We regret that states that decriminalize marijuana for medical or recreational use have not eliminated the black market sale of marijuana: ” In California, more than 80% of the marijuana trade is on the illicit market to evade marijuana taxes. “.

Haiti: Grenadiers victory and the emotions of a Haitian pilot

We end with these two pieces of information that raise the morale of the Haitians a bit, ” in the middle of the dark news “, Note Juno7. First the victory of the Grenadiers, who ” make it to the semifinals » amputee football world cup, title Le Nouveliste. ” The Grenadiers shined once again in Istanbul on Thursday, beating Tanzania 4-1 in the quarterfinals. This Friday, Haiti is challenging Angola for a place in the final.

Trivia: A video circulating on social networks this Friday morning Loop. Captain Tarah Ernest greeted passengers on Thursday’s Miami-Port-au-Prince flight with the words: ” Today is a very special day for me. Because I left Port-au-Prince to live here in 1998, and in 2018 I decided to learn to fly. Today I have a chance to take a flight from Miami to Port-au-Prince”.

“I know the situation in Haiti is difficult, but I hope that doesn’t stop you from celebrating with me today. “He moved visibly,” he added. first Haitian woman to fly an American Airlines commercial plane country’s enthusiasm Juno7. Tarah Ernest was warmly welcomed upon arrival at Toussaint Louverture International Airport.

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