The French dominated the South Africans in the opening match

The French dominated the South Africans in the opening match

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Les Bleues hit hard in their first game at Auckland’s Eden Park on Saturday, beating the South Africans 40-5 in their first game, a week before they faced the big favourites of the Women’s Rugby World Cup, England, in chicken shock C.

A good start for the blues. female XV of France He got off to a good start to the World Cup on Saturday 8 October at Eden Park in Auckland, dominating South Africa (40-5), one week before a crucial game against England, in the opening game without much effort but confidently. .

Dumping into Pool C, Les Bleues had six tries, including a double from scrum semis Laure Sansus, who were dubbed “player of the match”, giving him a bonus point that would be invaluable for his quarterfinals. .

Gaรซlle Mignot, the French assistant coach for attacking and contacting attitudes, warned on Friday: “We want to enter the competition in the best way possible”.

Basically, mission accomplished for Cรฉline Ferer’s teammates, but in terms of form, they will have to level up their game against the big favorites of the competition, the English “Red Roses”: they have been very impressed by passing at least 14 tries. Fijians (84-19).

Les Bleues relied on their tireless gunners, Madoussou Fall and Marjorie Mayans. Especially in conquest, they can benefit from adjusting and placing some details in their backpacks and leaving more to take advantage of the smallest space.

“Not yet satisfactory”

After the match, Laure Sansus reacted, “It’s a good performance because we won, but I don’t think the content is satisfactory yet.”

In a run-down Eden Park and under a beautiful sun, the French quickly made three attempts before marking the time.

The first is a trickster attempt from the second minute of the match, by Laure Sansus. The latter is the work of perfectly omnipresent center Gabrielle Vernier (11th), following a small kick by Caroline Drouin in the middle. Finally, the third was stopped by Emilie Boulard (17th).

For the first captaincy of her career, Cรฉline Ferer retained the French women’s “great start”, but complained of “minor hand mistakes” that were sometimes “a bit inside”. “Pressure,” of course, she said.

Thus, while Hablar outnumbered the third line of “Women’s Boxing”, after the yellow card given to Sizophila Solontsi, in the 29th minute, their mistakes and approaches could not occur in a chain.

This poor time on the French side continued after the timeout, with the Blues conceding a try signed by South African winger Nomawethu Mabenge (50th).

Despite spending a long time in boxing camp, Bleues had to wait until the 67th minute, again by Laure Sansus, to make their fourth attempt, synonymous with the offensive bonus, before Caroline Drouin, then sevens Joanna Grisez. The first choice only worsened the score.

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