Robert Kiyosaki Predicts Dollar Collapse; recommends three investments to take advantage of it

Robert Kiyosaki Predicts Dollar Collapse;  recommends three investments to take advantage of it

Lately, Robert Kiyosaki aforementioned “time to get rich” with world crisisAnd he didn’t change his mind. Now, the finance guru has released a series of forecasts for the economy for the coming months. It guarantees that the dollar will strengthen for a moment before crashing in January 2023. He reiterated that the best investments are the best investments, given this scenario and global financial instability. Bitcoin (BTC), prayed Y silverbut by following a certain strategy.

Author of the best-selling rich dad poor dad He explained that these three ‘safe haven’ assets will see a drop in their prices as the dollar strengthens temporarily. This is if the United States Federal Reserve (FED) continues to raise interest rates.

BUYING OPPORTUNITY: If the Fed continues to raise interest rates, the US dollar will strengthen and gold, silver and Bitcoin prices will fall. buy more. When the FED changes direction and lowers interest rates like the UK did, you’ll be smiling while everyone else is crying. Take care,” Kiyosaki wrote.

This advice is complemented by a forecast published the day before about a possible collapse of the dollar in the short term.

“Will the US dollar follow the British pound? I think it will. I think the US dollar will collapse in January 2023 after the Fed pivots. I bought a lot more US Buffalo silver to take advantage of the falling US dollar. Silver is a bargain. I’m not going to be a victim of the goddamn FED. Take care,” the investor guessed.

Two weeks ago he said: Real inflation in the USA will hit 16% and that these investments away from just dollars will save people.

So what is Kiyosaki’s advice?

Breaking it down, your investment strategy would be to buy cryptocurrencies and metals when the price drops the most, or to buy them often, but only if interest rates continue to rise.

At some point, the Fed will “change direction” and lower interest rates again, weakening the dollar. This “collapse” of the US currency could cause the price of Bitcoin, gold and silver to rise and profits will be seen there.

Economist peter schiff Confirmed Kiyosaki’s predictions:

“The price of gold and silver it’s already hit rock bottom. The first pivot’s domino has already fallen. Markets can already understand that it won’t take long for the rest to drop as well. Buy your gold and silver now while prices are still cheap.” in a tweet.

Financial educator has long recommended invest in assets like gold, silver and bitcoin, as the US dollar will depreciate. In July of this year, he reiterated that silver, in particular, is currently the best investment value.

Of course, these are not the only ones the founder is in. Rich Global LLC. At the end of August, Kiyosaki real estate investment adviceRecalling the real estate bubble of 2008.

Recently, in June 2022, the creator of the financial education company Rich Dad Companywarned of the disaster scenario. He said that a global food crisis is approaching and The best investment is to buy “cans of tuna and beans”..

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