Pep Guardiola reveals the secret of winning

Pep Guardiola en Ligue des Champions avec Manchester City

As his team faced Southampton this Saturday for the 10th day of the Premier League, Pep Guardiola reveals the secret of his success since taking over at Manchester City.

in the comments posted by Manchester City’s official website, Pep Guardiola He explains the reason for his success at the head of his team as follows: “Is our ability to work the main secret of our victories? One of them. Not alone, but alone. Every player has things to do every day. But let me tell you a secret, the main thing is the quality of the players. When you make consecutive Premier Leagues there is always a question about business ethics. But there is no time to think. We have a match every three days.” Explains the citizens’ ruler.

Pep Guardiola fears Southampton

Not everything is rosy for Pep Guardiola either. And in tow before meeting Southampton (Premier League 10. Matchday), a kind of “pet” of his team: “We have the ability to quickly forget what we have done, good or bad. Now we face Southampton and since Ralph became manager we have been struggling to control the games. We couldn’t beat them in the Premier League last season.” added.

Quality players, that’s the secret

Finally, he reminds us of the importance of having strong players on his roster: “I’m trying to work things out but in the end the players… that’s the success we’ve had because we have the best players, that’s the secret, nothing more. Overall, we’ve been playing very good football all these years.” he comes to the conclusion.

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