Pay attention to this unofficial guide, which lists behaviors to avoid during competition.

Pay attention to this unofficial guide, which lists behaviors to avoid during competition.

Less than two months before the FIFA World Cup, which will be held in Qatar from 20 November to 18 December, more and more voices are getting louder condemning the choice of the issuing country. In addition to the criticismsEnvironmental Impact Competition and living conditions of workers in the stadium grounds, “disaster” by the NGO Amnesty InternationalThe laws in force in this conservative Muslim country were severely criticized and viewed as contrary to the values ​​of football. and human rights.

As proof, several Internet users have posted a guide on social networks that lists behaviors prohibited in Qatar in English. “Qatar welcomes you. Show your respect for the religion and culture of the Qatari people by avoiding these behaviors.”We read it as a warning.

This is followed by a list of eight “behaviors” to avoid, including homosexuality, improper dress code, drinking alcohol, swearing, dating and photographing someone without permission. “They will have fun for the Football World Cup”In response, a surfer mocked him on Twitter.

FIFA is not the source of this document

Contrary to what is written, the guide was not designed by the Qatari authorities, the International Football Federation (FIFA), nor the Qatari committee responsible for organizing the competition. The official Twitter account of the 2022 World Cup, Road to 2022, also reacted on Twitter to denounce a manipulation:

“The ‘Qatar greets you’ banner circulating on social media does not come from an official source”explains the press release. And to warn: “We strongly encourage fans and visitors to rely only on official tournament organizer resources for travel advice.”

The reality of some laws implemented in the country

this poster In fact, it was created by the Reflect Your Respect collective. (“Show Your Respect”), which “Contributes to reinforcing the Islamic values ​​that underlie the Qatari identity”, according to Reuters. This group of Qatari nationals, born in 2014, gave it its promotional mission. “values” and reminding foreigners to respect the conservative traditions of the emirate. Reuters and FIFA also reacted by confirming that this is not an official document of the federation.

The official committee of the event also made a statement on Twitter. “Really wrong information” and tournament organizers “It was clear from the very beginning that anyone could come to Qatar to enjoy the 2022 World Cup”. The message assures that, with FIFA’s help, an official guide should be released soon to advise fans ahead of their stay. And to conclude:

“Qatar has always been an open, tolerant and hospitable nation. Football fans and international travelers who will be present during the tournament will have the opportunity to experience it first hand. »

But this pastoral picture of Qatar contradicts the reality of some laws implemented in the country, as various associations have long pointed out to defend human rights. In July, NGO Human Rights Watch condemned a “World Cup of Shame” reminds me of qatar “It suppresses the rights of LGBT people and punishes relationships sexual offenses between persons of the same sex with a prison sentence of up to seven years”.

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Alcohol consumption is also a sensitive issue in this Muslim country with its Wahhabi tradition, which is an extremely strict current of Islam. Banned in public places, it is reserved only for private areas and hotels frequented by the wealthiest. However, Qatar reluctantly agreed to drink beer around the stadium during the World Cup. This will be strictly supervised during the competition.

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