LIVE – Reims-PSG: Outnumbered, Paris must draw at Reims

LIVE – Reims-PSG: Outnumbered, Paris must draw at Reims


Half outnumbered after Ramos was dismissed, PSG eventually had to accept a draw at Reims’ field (0-0). In a very tense part of the match, neither team will have scored in this match. This is the second draw in Ligue 1 this season for the Parisians, who won’t be able to convince them tonight before they take on Benfica on Wednesday.

Yellow card to Mbappe, things are still tense

Due to a mistake made by Mbappe from behind, the match turns into a turn between the two teams. The two rows mix but Mbappe gets the yellow!

Yellow card to Neymar!

Neymar received a yellow card after a big blow to the counter-attacking Reims player!

three more minutes

This game will have three minutes of extra time! Enough to let PSG win?


Neymar is mowed down in front of the Reims surface and Hakimi comes to warm up with an opposing player. The situation heats up but calms down after the yellow cards given to Hakimi and Gravillon.

The beginning of the fight between PSG and Reims players, 8 October 2022
The start of the fight between PSG and Reims players, 8 October 2022 © Canal+ screenshot

Sarabia gave way to Hakimi

Change for this end of the match with the exit of Pablo Sarabia and the return of Achraf Hakimi!

Mbappe lost their duel

Facing Abdelhamid, Kylian Mbappé lost his duel and did not return to assist the defense, visibly disappointed by the Reims defender.

Van Bergen strike!

Deep but too eccentric, Van Bergen plays his duel with Marquinhos! It connects and continues with low kick! It is quietly taken by the Donnarumma.

Vitinha cannot find the frame

New singles attack from Neymar who shot from the left but finally hit Vitinha! The Portuguese continues with the curling but above!

Change for Reims

First change for Reims with the release of Flips replacing Van Bergen! Fifteen minutes left to play.

Things heat up between Neymar and Matusiwa

New discussion in this meeting after Matusiwa’s delayed intervention on Neymar! The two players call each other and the referee calms everything down.


The ball is badly bounced back by the Paris defense and Flips sends a very complex volley into the frame! But not dangerous enough to affect Donnarumma!


Amazing move for PSG with a rescue from Sarabia! He immediately gives Mbappé throwing Neymar, and the Brazilian puts a straight left foot on the close post but fails to hit the target.

Nice intervention from Flips

Falling behind the defense, Juan Bernat is patient and rushes towards a partner, but Flips gets in the way!

Neymar dangerous in free kick

The free kick is very good for PSG and it will be Neymar who will take it! The Brazilian crosses the wall, finds the frame, but it doesn’t worry Diouf!

Paris takes the field

Corner for PSG, who finally made it onto the field! Mbappé is heading towards Danilo, but the Portuguese doesn’t fit in his head!

Neymar enters the game

With Neymar replacing Carlos Soler, there has been more change on the Paris side.


Double step over Ruiz de Zeneli and Reims striker, then the little bridge continues with a powerful shot to the close post! Donnarumma is pushing back as best he can!

Neymar left for warm-up

Alongside Hakimi and Zaire Emery, Neymar is doing a warm-up! Unique situation for PSG, which was never reduced to 10 throughout the match!

With Mbappé, Verratti and the 4th official, the corridor got very hot.

In the footage of broadcaster Canal+, we see that the halftime is getting very hot in the Delaune corridor. Disturbed by Ramos’ red card, Mbappé and Verratti asked the referee for clarification. “Not good!”, can we hear it from the mouths of Italians?

Mbappé and Verratti seeking clarification from the referees in the aisle during Reims-PSG, 8 October 2022
Mbappé and Verratti seek clarification from referees in the hallway during Reims-PSG, 8 October 2022 © Canal+ screenshot
Mbappé seeks clarification from referees in corridor during 8 October 2022 Reims-PSG
Mbappé seeks clarification from referees in corridor during Reims-PSG, 8 October 2022 © Canal+ screenshot

First change for PSG

Vitinha, who replaced Marco Verratti for PSG, was warned and angry at the end of the first period.

Marquinhos’ big rant

At halftime, at Canal+, Marquinhos was shown a red card against Sergio Ramos: “Unbelievable! It’s getting too much. I don’t know if there’s anything personal against us. We don’t want to talk about refereeing. We always know their job is very difficult but still control the match.” He has to hold it in his hand. Every time we approach him he puts a card, we can’t speak. I don’t know what he’s doing. He heard it but put red on it. Sergio approached, he didn’t like this move and gave the card.”

More information here.


The break has come! Reims and PSG are leaving with a score of 0-0 after a very active first half. Already because Paris was pushed around by the entrepreneur Rémois and Sergio Ramos was expelled due to serious disagreements. Therefore, PSG will spend more than 45 minutes outnumbered.

2 minutes additional time

Two minutes of extra time will be played in the first half. The red card also contributed to this.


After Sergio Ramos’ shirt was pulled, the referee issues a yellow card… followed by a red card for the Spaniard’s violent protest! Verratti gets the yellow!

Hakimi and Vitinha warming up

Christophe Galtier decided to start Hakimi and Vitinha in the warm-up, perhaps to put pressure on the first-timers!

Yellow card to Munetsi

Marshall Munestis receives the first yellow card of the match after Carlos Soler’s late solo!


Reims fears nothing and mobilizes the Paris defense! In the Paris area, the Munetsi pivot lights the fuse and forces Donnarumma to a spectacular save!


Mbappé goes deep after a call from Soler and a perfect pass! The Frenchman completes his shot, but Diouf pushes back… Mukiele shows up and hits hard but over the top!

Munetsi ignites a little

Another ball in front of the surface for Reims! Munetsi trains Verratti, steps on his left foot, and attempts an incredible shot that flies over him!


Another badly returned ball from the Paris defense and Lopy took the opportunity to place a big volley that went just above Donnarumma’s goal!

Galtier gets up from his seat.

Christophe Galtier, not very happy with his team starting the game, gets up from the bench and raises his voice! PSG is getting some sleep!

Reims high press

As soon as the ball is lost at the Paris camp, Reims puts a lot of pressure on the breeders!

Mbappe too short in front of Diouf

Spectacular 30-metre ground-level launch from Sarabia trying to orbit Mbappé! Despite its pace, the French international is too short!


Overflow from Mbappé crossing to Sarabia but finally cleared on the axis… for Ruiz who burned the left foot wick! Diouf turns the corner, wait!


Balogun holds a ball with his back to the goal and serves Zeneli, who will duel with Marquinhos! He passes one-on-one and centers himself towards Flips, who throws himself but doesn’t touch the ball!

Paris mastery

PSG landed on the ball for a few minutes and is spinning the ball! Mbappé is shot from the left, but Gravillon smashes him in the foot.

Reims shows up a little

Free kick Reims and Zeneli on the axis! Confusion in the Paris area, but it’s finally settled!


A magnificent Paris ball with Sarabia rising 50 meters up! He slides Bernat, who is centering hard in front of the goal, but no one cuts the skin!


And here we go after day 6 of the Top 14 to this Reims-PSG! Losing to Ajaccio this afternoon, Paris can take a five-point lead over OM!

Galtier describes PSG bus journeys: “We are all concerned with the climate issue”

PSG traveled by bus to reach Reims. It’s a trip that gets people talking after the debates around club plane trips and Christophe Galtier’s statements in recent weeks. In Canal+, the coach reverted to the club’s decisions and confirmed that Parisians will also be making other bus services throughout the season.

“We went to Lille by bus before, he remembers. The organization is excellent, we travel with very comfortable buses. I think it took 2h30-2h40… We had an accident on the highway, we got stuck a bit. But there will be other expeditions planned by bus. We will do it as soon as possible. Climate. Everyone is affected by the problem and I repeat, we traveled in very good conditions.”

More information here.

Paris has everything to win tonight

If they win, Paris will have 28 points after 10 Ligue 1 games this season. In the 21st century, at least two teams have succeeded at this stage: Lyon (28, champion) in 2006/07 and PSG itself (30, champion) in 2018/19.

Oscar Garcia is missing from the bench

Reims head coach Oscar Garcia will not be on the bench tonight for personal reasons. He was replaced by his assistant Belgian Will Still.

Like many teams, Reims is battling against PSG

Reims failed to score in Ligue 1 with 4 losses against Paris and 12 goals scored. Stade suffered 5 consecutive losses after failing to score against the same opponent for the second time in its history after April 1976-December 1978 v Monaco (5). The latest Reims striker against PSG in the highest flight was Boulaye Dia in September 2019.

PSG composition, Neymar on the bench

Neymar on the bench. A good start with Mbappé, Sarabia and Soler, who have been sick lately. Vitinha is also a backup, Fabian Ruiz takes his place in the middle.

Donnarumma – Ramos, Marquinhos, Danilo – Mukiele, Verratti, Ruiz, Bernat – Soler, Mbappe, Sarabia

1000 Parisian supporters ready

1000 PSG supporters will park in Reims tonight, including 550 ultras.


The already classic heads against OM?

Paris, which took Benfica in the Champions League this week, will host OM in Ligue 1 next weekend. A game that everyone has in mind.

Start at 9 o’clock.

PSG head to Reims for the 10th day of Ligue 1, after the Champions League draw at Benfica’s home on Wednesday. Kickoff is at 21:00.

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