Kopa, the Napoleon of football

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We honor four French Ballons d’Ors before the 2022 ceremony, which may see the fifth. Raymond Kopa’s first victory in 1958 was unanimous, and Alfredo Di Stefano or Pelé was not yet eligible.

End of 1957-58 season

First of all, if Raymond Kopa has openly surfed at the World Cup to take the first Ballon d’Or in French football history, the 1958 calendar year first had a head start to kick off the season at Real Madrid. He is playing the second of three years spent in the Spanish capital. From 23 January the former Rémois scored two goals during Merengue’s card against Sevilla’s neighbors (8-0) in the Champions Club Cup quarter-finals. Much less productive in La Liga, he had to wait five games and the start of March to find fault in the Spanish championship.

On 2 March and then on 9 March, the “Napoleon of Football” drew against Real Sociedad (2-2), then Gijon (4-0). He also scored a goal for Espanyol Barcelona (2-4) victory in April, and above all, one of the symbols of the perfect end of the season for Madrid, who finished La Liga with eleven undefeated and won the title. Three points ahead of Atlético – a necessary streak, Real only takes first place on day 24 out of 30. And of course there’s the Champions League: if Raymond Kopa doesn’t get more points, won 3-2 in overtime against AC Milan, including the finalEven if the other two stars score far more goals (including one goal each in the final), he remains one of the greatest offensive players as Alfredo Di Stefano or Francisco Gento.

World Cup

Naturally, it is this rivalry that will make the difference in favor of the French striker, while the Ballon d’Or is in its third edition and as it was until 1995 – rewarding the best football player in Europe. Since Brazil beat Sweden (5-2) in the final, it makes sense for the third leader of the Blues to blow the screen. Nils Liedholm, considered the star of the Scandinavian team and playing for AC Milan (Champions League finalist) and finishing eighth with just six small points, was a minor case, far from Raymond Kopa’s 71 points – teammate Kurt Hamrin, Fiorentina striker, fifteen He finished fourth with points.

Raymond Kopa is the undisputed leader if this World Cup continues to be marked by the outstanding performance of Just Fontaine, who will score thirteen goals (the record still remaining in a single run) and the opportunity to place third in the Ballon d’Or. your team. of France. Real is playing the King’s Cup final in full competition, even if it has to thank its president, Santiago Bernabéu, who may have refused to release him in the final stage. He has to take some time to create automatisms as he is not authorized to play previous friendly matches… That doesn’t stop him from scoring a card in the first match (7-3) against Paraguay and then in the decisive matches. Qualifying match ahead of Scotland in the quarter-finals (2-1).

Lost in the semi-finals 5-2 against the helpless Pele’s Brazil, marked by a match played at ten from the half-hour mark, captain Robert Jonquet broke his leg – then no substitutions were allowed – Raymond Kopa scored his third goal. Third place match against Germany (6-3). And perhaps even more decisive for the Ballon d’Or than we imagine, because his rival Helmut Rahn, who was the author of six goals in the World Cup, took second place 31 points after the winner. “Those who appointed me are clever,” the main interested party says, referring first and foremost to Just Fontaine’s stellar success that could easily have selected him as the best player of the year 1958.

Beginning of the 1958-59 season

Raymond Kopa’s absolute idol, Ferenc Puskas, started his career at Real Madrid. The latter scored five goals in La Liga and one in the Champions League in November. the date of definitively achieving the declared personal achievement. He’s also taking time to shake the net for team France in a match in the first qualifying round (7-1) for the Euro against Greece in October. “His real place is not a winger, a home, or even a striker: he will be created,” wrote Gabriel Hanot, editor-in-chief of France Football on 16 December. Balloon d’Or.

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