Foot PSG – PSG: Lionel Messi and Christophe Galtier, watch out for danger

Foot PSG - PSG: Lionel Messi and Christophe Galtier, watch out for danger

Released at the end of the match against Benfica, Lionel Messi was forfeited for the meeting in Reims this Saturday. Even if we didn’t panic at Paris Saint-Germain, some wonder if Christophe Galtier hit Pulga too hard.

With Kylian Mbappé and Neymar appearing half-tone in Portugal on Wednesday evening, Lionel Messi confirmed that the 35-year-old 7 Ballons d’Or man has regained all or nearly all his qualifications knowing he can no longer give as much as he used to. However, at the request of the Argentine star, Paris Saint-Germain’s manager had to replace him as the end of the match against Benfica was approaching. With the confession of Christophe Galtier, there was nothing serious for Leo Messi, who felt a small problem in the calf and did not want to take excessive risks. But PSG will have to be starved for a trip to Reims this Saturday. Galtier confirms Messi won’t be back in training until Monday, 24 hours before Benfica’s reception at the Parc des Princes. And suddenly, Lionel Messi’s usage statistics surfaced.

Lionel Messi is PSG’s most used player after Donnarumma

Since the start of the Ligue 1 and Champions League season, and up to this match at the Delaune stadium, the former FC Barcelona player has played every game since the Champions Cup and even became the player with the most playing time. PSGexcluding Gianluigi Donnarumma with 1,143 minutes (90 in the Champions Cup, 255 in C1 and 798 in Ligue 1). In this ranking, he is ahead of Marquinhos by 63 minutes, especially by Neymar by 75 minutes and by Kylian Mbappé by 255 minutes. In other words, Lionel Messi is Christophe Galtier’s core player and the latter doesn’t hide it. But at a time when Pulga will experience his first pack, it’s curious that Paris Saint-Germain’s French coach isn’t making much use of the physique of a player left in a very sluggish season. The question was posed to experts who took a radical position.

If some are ready to lash out at Christophe Galtier over Leo Messi’s management, that’s not the case for Robert Duverne, who was the physical trainer of Olympique Lyonnais in the big years and who knows what the team could do. striker. ” Improvements in nutrition, preparation, recovery and more mean that a 35-year-old today is not like a 35-year-old ten years ago. up to repeat the match. But he rarely overspeeds, as his talent allows him to impose the rhythm of the game. ‘, explains the man who also remains in French football history at Le Parisien, as he threw his stopwatch to Knysna’s side.

Another view of how Lionel Messi is managed is led by the tricolor coach of Rolland Courbis. ” We’re not talking about a 35-year-old lambda player, we’re talking about the best 35-year-old player in the world. When a guy like him gets alarmed and wants to play three days before a Champions League game, you argue and reason with him. But if you can’t convince him, Messi or not, sulking or not, you still put the interests of the player and the club first. “Especially warns the former coach of OM and Bordeaux. Obviously, Christophe Galtier didn’t have to ask the question this time, but the PSG coach should still take the Messi case with tweezers. Especially at a time like this Nasser Al-Khelaifi wants to extend Lionel Messi’s contract.

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