Cristiano Ronaldo would be infuriated by Ten Hag’s methods

Cristiano Ronaldo would be infuriated by Ten Hag's methods

Cristiano Ronaldo, who has been relegated to the Manchester United bench since Eric ten Hag’s arrival and left last summer, has scored just one goal this season. Times this Saturday reveals that the Portuguese are infuriated by the Dutch technician’s methods.

Things are not going well between Cristiano and Eric ten Hag. Times This Saturday reveals that the dispute between the Portuguese striker and his coach at Manchester United is imminent. CR7 viewed the Dutch coach as a stubborn person who clings to ideas that don’t work. The former coach of Ajax continues to be deprived of Cristiano Ronaldo in the Premier League.

The results of a turbulent summer

It’s an open secret: One year after Cristiano Ronaldo’s return, it hasn’t escaped anyone’s notice that he wants to leave Manchester United this summer. Especially the fault of the poor results that deprived the Red Devils of Champions League qualification.

Erik ten Hag’s arrival did nothing to help the tense situation between the 37-year-old player and the club. The conflict dragged on. On August 13, mid-summer, when Cristiano Ronaldo lined up for the first time this season, the Red Devils were humiliated (4-0) on Brentford’s turf. At the end of the match, Erik ten Hag cleared himself by blaming Manchester United players, including the Portuguese star.

By TimesCristiano Ronaldo, who expressed his dissatisfaction with these statements, did not like it at all. He has since started a single Premier League game and is content with his Europa League stint, which he has done everything to avoid playing this summer.

During the defeat at Manchester City (6-3) last week, Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t even make it into the game. Ten Hag justified that it was a “homage to his great career”.

Ten Hag often tried to put out the fire, to no avail?

A few days later, Eric said he wanted to play Ten Hag. He gets angry when he’s not playing. But he trains well, is in a good mood, motivated and doing his best, and that’s it. We are waiting”, tried to reassure the Dutch technician. The situation would actually be much more complicated.

Times shows that the story is different at the training center of the red devils. They often describe a Ronaldo who contradicts the ship’s leader. It’s about a player who complains about the nature and quality of training and thinks it’s better for United to play differently. Ronaldo is said to see Ten Hag as stubborn and unnecessarily dependent on an approach that has worked impressively at Ajax but is not in line with United’s historic values ​​and is facing challenges in the Premier League.

To justify the defeat to Manchester City, Ten Hag used “lack of convictions”, “technical errors” and “bad decisions”. However, some images shocked football and United fans in particular. For example, it was surprising to see Christian Eriksen flagging Erling Haaland on set pieces.

Ten Hag and Ronaldo are incompatible after all?

Ten Hag detailed his philosophy, “Everyone knows what is expected of a striker. First, production, and second, 11 players in football. Today, 11 defenders, 11 offenses in football. So everyone should contribute.” He seems quite far from his habits at Real Madrid, where Cristiano Ronaldo shines so brightly. The team has always played for him and freed him from defensive duties to allow him to use his full offensive potential.

His situation at Manchester United is quite reminiscent of the situation he knew at Juventus, where his transition was mixed. “Juventus bought a nuclear weapon they didn’t know how to use,” said José Mourinho at the time of Turin in CR7.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s situation at Manchester United appears to be in the dark. His place in the team would be based on the establishment of a new style of play and Erik ten Hag does not seem ready to replace himself for the Portuguese. A few weeks before the World Cup, possibly the last, Cristiano Ronaldo will do everything possible to bring Portugal to the top in a team where his coach still gives him the main role.

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