9 mouthwash uses you probably didn’t know

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Each personal hygiene product is designed for a specific use. Clear? But, What would you think if I told you that you could do more with them? A clear example of this tooth pastevery useful in polishing metals, clean the iron and even remove stains from sneakers and white sneakers.

At the same level of utility and versatility, mouthwash, yes, as you read! Although its main function oral cavity cleaningdestruction of bad breath bacteria, cavities, plaque and tartar control, the truth is, house cleaning and maintenance It is also very useful.

So, if you’re looking for an alternative to cleaning chemicals, read on and find out: use of mouthwash at home and get the most out of its features antifungal and disinfectant. Attention!

Alternative uses of mouthwash

this Listerine he is the one personal care products It is most common in any bathroom, and believe it or not, it not only helps to improve oral hygiene, but also useful in other fields really surprising.

mouthwash home uses

ITsecret and flawless uses of mouthwash they have been handed down from generation to generation by those who, like you and me, always think before they act with harmful and highly polluting chemical products. These are some mouthwash applications day to day:

  1. disinfecting wounds: mouthwash is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, so it can be used to disinfect skin areas and prevent infections. It also aids in faster healing and scarring.
  2. Cleanse the skin: It is especially ideal for face cleaning as it does not contain sugar as it cleans the teeth and mouth. Simply, you need to wash your face and then apply it with the help of a cotton pad, when finished, rinse the skin with cold water.
  3. Disinfectant and deodorizer for fabrics: Believe it or not, it is very effective in destroying bacteria and fungi that cause bad odor in daily work clothes or sportswear, it is enough to leave the clothes in a basin filled with 1 to 2 water for 20 minutes. Glass of alcohol-based mouthwash, this is done, wash as usual.
  4. Eliminates sweat odor: Yes, it is a versatile liquid that has surprised thousands of people including me. Applying some sugar-free antiseptic mouthwash to the underarm area will kill the bacteria responsible for the offensive odor that appears in them.
  5. clean bathroom tiles: Daily cleaning with water and mouthwash will ensure that the shiny tiles are purified from microorganisms.
  6. clean the toilet: Don’t you have a cleaner for the throne? No problem. Add a few lids to the bowl, brush as usual, and let it sit for a while before washing it off.
  7. Removes stains from glass and mirrors: This product acts like an ordinary glass cleaner and not only removes stubborn marks, but also leaves a fresh and pleasant scent in the environment.
  8. It calms biting insects and drives them away.: Relieves irritation, itching caused by mosquito bites, ants and other annoying insects, and reduces swelling by rubbing a cotton ball with a little mouthwash.
  9. Neutralizes strong odors: cooking fish, chopping onions, garlic or touching gasoline directly can leave a very strong odor on our hands and in the environment. To minimize this, simply wash your hands with the rinse and spray a little into the room.

Besides, if your shoes smell bad, one solution is to spray it indoors and let it air dry. Another plus is that it works. clean up pet urine and prevent them from relieving themselves in this area, for example on carpet or furniture.

Forget about buying 100 different items now that you know how make the most of mouthwashYou won’t just be using it to freshen breath or disinfect your toothbrush. Check it yourself!

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