5 best smartphones for your money

5 best smartphones for your money

how do you choose one smart phone kindly value for money? This is a question for those who don’t want to spend too high at the top of the range and prefer to opt for their products rather. mid rangebut worth the money spent.

At the same time, those who were looking for a smartphone with an excellent quality-price ratio realized that it was not worth spending extremely low sums on a product that was used all the time, every day. try save money Doing a lot of work on the smartphone often means buying weak or obsolete products and therefore needs to be replaced soon. There are some tricks you should follow to find and buy your next smartphone. fair relationship between cost and quality.

5 smartphones for your money

Choose five good smartphones for your money it is a difficult test; today the market offers a very wide choice. However, when compiling this ranking, the Money.it technology editorial team selected the best products on the market, taking into account factors such as release date, battery and camera performance, and internal memory.

This is not a scientific choice, especially since some users may have different needs and priorities, for example they do not like wireless ones, they may prefer a smartphone that allows you to connect wired headphones, or a particularly lightweight one. Basically, the choice is very personal and depends on the needs of each of us.

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1)Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G available from March 2022, therefore less than one year old. This smartphone has an excellent initial memory, so 128GBbut there’s also a version that offers more, namely 256 GB, which in both cases turns out to be a good choice for price-quality, as it starts at approx. 326,00 euros It’s on Amazon and it falls below 400 for the 256GB one. RAM memory 6GB In both cases. owner Android 12 and Technology 5G, to allow purchasers to browse quickly even without using Wi-Fi. Finally, it has an excellent photo industry with maximum resolution. 64MP. battery finally 5,000mAh.

2) OnePlus 8T

For those who want to buy OnePlus 8T this is definitely the time to do it, it’s actually available for sale on Amazon at: 33% discount, so 398.50 euros. 8GB of RAM and 128GB Offering storage space, this smartphone lets you store plenty of photos and videos without having to resort to external hard drives or other solutions. Equipped with technology 5G and OxygenOS, an operating system based on Android 11. The photography industry consists of 48 Mp, 16 Mp, 5 Mp and 2 Mp cameras. Although it was released in October 2020 This smartphone can still offer a lot as it has features that are still very popular today. Battery 4.500mAh.

3) Xiaomi 11T Pro 5G

Available from March 2021This Xiaomi 11T Pro 5G equipped with Android 11 and Technology 5Gand it has a price 406,00 euros. owner 128GB internal memory a 8GB RAM, but the main highlight of this smartphone is its camera, which undoubtedly has the maximum resolution. 108MP. Currently this price is reserved for the color model. gray meteorite For sale on Amazon, others require a higher expense outside of the set budget. Finally, the battery, which is a detail that should not be underestimated, 5000mAh.

4) Oppo Reno6 5G

Oppo Reno6 5G a fairly new smartphone, originally released in September 2021. on sale now 24% On Amazon this has a cost 379.00 Euros. In addition, it has an excellent photo industry with two 64 MP cameras and a 32 MP front camera. Not only that, it has an excellent memory like any other smartphone, ie. It is equipped with 128GB of storage and 8GB of RAM. Battery is also average, really 4,300mAh.

5) Nokia x20

equipped with technology 5G, Nokia x20 came to Italy May 2021. The operating system is pretty new, really Android 11. Has storage space 128GB and 8GB of RAM. Thanks to the main 64 MP camera (rear camera), it allows you to take excellent very clear photos, while the front camera for selfie is 32 MP, while the others are 2 MP at the end. The price of this against a 13% discount Nokia x20 and 349,90 euros. Battery 4,470mAhwhich equates to the full potential of two days of use.

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How to choose a good smartphone for your money

There are some factors to consider when evaluating which are the best value-for-money smartphones currently on the market.

In addition to the price, the network of individual personal needs, varying from user to user, allows us to arrive at a reasonable choice, given the quality of the following features:

  • Internal memory;
  • camera;
  • battery.

Finally, a fundamental role in choosing a smartphone with a good quality-price ratio is played by the release date.

Release date

The first thing to ask when buying a smartphone is: “when did it come out? “if the answer”more than two years ago”It is worth paying attention to, because there is a risk that the quality-price ratio is almost entirely in favor of price, penalizing quality, which is certainly affordable compared to recently released smartphones.

In fact, smartphones require periodic updates that quickly make them obsolete. In addition, these affect the smartphone’s own memory, which quickly decreases. Buying a very old phone risks slowing it down relatively soon, so choosing an older phone is recommended. endtherefore, in at least the last year or a year and a half, at the latest two years.

internal memory

There memory smartphone plays a fundamental role: we keep ours in it private information most importantly, our memories and much more. Once upon a time, smartphones had quite limited memory: 8GB, 16 GBsome even 32. But this doomed the user to have to do it cyclically. cleaning you have to give up your memory, pictures, videos or apps.

Thanks to smart phone In the latest generation, this problem has been partially brought under control, in fact, today’s smartphones often have a memory that exceeds them. 128GB, thus allowing the tedious and tedious process of creating space only in rare cases. So to choose a coupon smart phoneit is essential to look for one with a memory of this size (as an indication 128but at the same time 256GB), also due to frequent system updates getting more and more.


a good smartphone value for money must be a good one camera. Actually if it is true that we use our mobile device a lot today Internet uh social mediaIt’s also true that this has almost completely replaced cameras. Inside travelIn fact, very few carry large and uncomfortable ones. camerasrather handy and pocket sized smart phone preferred, so you can pick it up right away and send it later if you want. It is important to have a good camera so that you can take quality photos and videos and keep them away from yourself or your surroundings. to share with friend.


Last but not least, battery. Choose a good smartphone battery it makes sure that it doesn’t go out during the day and makes us inaccessible. Today, people do more things with confidence than ever before. smart phoneIt would not be an exaggeration to say that being without a smartphone cuts us off, at least partially, out of this worldso it is recommended to choose the one with a good battery, so 4.500-5,000mAh As long as you don’t use the smartphone constantly, this should be enough. all day.

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