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Cannes described its festival as a celebration of ideas that change lives. Berta Loran wonders when we will transition to Creative Health in Spain.

No doubt. Quality every year creativity health we are making progress in our country and together we are pushing the limits of the sector a little more. just go through Aspid Awards and you will be pleasantly surprised at the forms health communication takes.

Typical mutated campaigns (finally!) into more gassy, ​​more modern, deeper and much more interesting states.

We are transformed and evolved in substance and form, intent, relevance, emotion, and also purpose. All of us who have felt a part of it at some point «push forward» We see what we can do and we are just proud. because what’s going on good for brandsFor clients, industry, agencies and creators themselves, we’re really enjoying it right now. And there is no response.

But, and for people? Is what we’re doing good enough for patients and people in general?

That’s when people turn around and look at what’s been done outside. What is given abroad, at international festivals. Y That’s when the mirage is broken and the illusion disappears.

Let’s look directly at the situation, with no intention of harming ourselves. 2 Grand Prix of the latest edition of Cannes Lions Health:

1- Pharma Grand Prix: “I Will Always Be Me” by Dell Technologies & Intel (VMLY&R New York).

The campaign focuses relentless trend of motor neuron disease to play patients’ voices and propose an incredible solution: when read aloud in just 30 minutes explain the disease in a simple way and beautiful while creating a digital copy of the patient’s voice, storing it for use when their speech abilities normally deteriorate.

More than 72% of people who have recently contracted the disease already use the book to record their voice. This is a perfect example of user experience and connected health: technology, strategy, medicine and patients coming together to create something important that transforms lives.

2 – Health and Wellness Grand Prix: ‘The Killer Pack’ by Maxx Flash (VMLY&R, Mumbai).

This mosquito repellent made with Innovative packaging printed with 100% biodegradable and active probioticskills mosquito larvae when disposed of in landfills, trash cans and dissolved in standing water.

A human-centered innovation Helps break the vicious cycle of diseases such as dengue fever and malariaKilling hundreds of thousands of men, women and children every year in India and around the world.

No doubt. This is creativity from another galaxy. These ideas, and many others on the winners list and even the shortlist, are light years away.

And why is it so difficult for us to imagine this level in our country? (silence). Not out of lack of talent, less desire, or lack of resources. This mentality is because of the mentality. Lion Health 2022 confirms what is already known, but we are not so clear here: winning ideas, life-changing ones, depend on a multidisciplinary mindset. The secret is that strategy, creativity, technology and diversity converge around a real problem and work hand in hand to solve it.

as he said Augé Reichenberg, Creative Director, VMLY&R Health and the jury: «Undoubtedly, the interplay between technology, data and creativity is at the heart of the best work».

“Technology helping us connect people with health In ways we never thought possible, and creativity’s best friend, data gives us insight into what people think, feel and do. Together, it’s a tin can of life-changing ideas,” he adds.

A few years ago, Cannes evaluated its festivals as follows: A celebration of ideas that change lives. This year’s winners and many others who are not recognized show that there is no better place. most “Creativity that changes lives” More than health.

Thinking about ideas rather than communication, changing lives, with a multidisciplinary mindset… Let’s make this our real goal, not a direction to follow. do we dare Are we taking the big step?

Berta Loran, Creative Director Global Health

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