Victor Wembanyama is ready to conquer the French “extraterrestrial” basketball planet

Victor Wembanyama is ready to conquer the French "extraterrestrial" basketball planet

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He’s only 18 years old, and he’s already hit the whole NBA foot: Victor Wembanyama is the new nugget of the basketball world. The gigantic (2.21 m), super-talented, hopeful French blew the screen in two exhibition matches in the United States. Even LeBron James is impressed by this “alien”. Portrait of a genius is under construction.

The start of October isn’t usually a very exciting time for basketball in the United States, the birthplace of the orange ball: The new NBA season hasn’t started yet, and fans are putting some brakes on it.

However, even without putting their teeth into the NBA, Americans and all basketball fans have been excited over the past three days for Levallois-Perret, an 18-year-old “little” Frenchman living in the Metropolitans 92. The club (suburb de Paris) plays in the French championship. Name: Victor Wembanyama. Across the Atlantic, the press is already talking about “Wembamania”. The American magazine Slam, the holy book of basketball, devoted its front page to this genius “who came from France to shake up the NBA”.

If the general public discovers this, zealous followers have long known that he was an exceptionally gifted person in education in France. From adolescence, Victor Wembanyama has been presented as one of the super-cracks of the future. A saying called to flourish in Uncle Sam’s land.

Therefore, the Metropolitans were invited to Las Vegas (Nevada) for two games against minor league team G-League Ignite; While waiting for his arrival in the NBA, America wanted to see “Wemby” with his own eyes as soon as possible. The Metropolitans agreed as the French championship was in full swing. And to say that his phenomenon shines is an understatement.

“A generational talent” for “King James”

On Wednesday, October 5, more than 70 media streamed to the Dollar Loan Center, a sports complex in Henderson on the outskirts of Vegas, to attend the show. 30 NBA teams were also on the scene. We counted nearly 200 executives and other recruiters eager to observe metropolitan #1. Victor Wembanyama did not miss the opportunity to showcase all his talent. His team shone with 37 points and 5 blocks if he lost his first game (122-115).

Curiosity got stronger as the team led the team to the victory this time with 36 points, 11 rebounds and 4 blocks (112-106) on Thursday. An XXL performance that matches his profile, his game, and the excitement he always evokes.

Reaching 2.21m and a wingspan of 2.43m, Victor Wembanyama shines as a strong winger in the center position. This is one of the features that makes it so powerful. The Frenchman of Congolese origin adds extraordinary ease and speed to his gigantic size. LeBron James, one of the greatest basketball players of all time, won.

The Los Angeles Lakers player simply commented, “He’s an alien.” “No one has ever seen someone like this. Being so tall while being so fluid and graceful on the court. It’s a generational talent,” King James continued. Words that come out of the mouths of double Olympic champions and four NBA champions.

“He can do what normal players can’t. It’s a talent,” says Vincent Collet, head coach of the Metropolitans and head coach of the France team. Here’s Victor Wembanyama: a rare alloy that shines on defense and offense, can defend like Rudy Gobert and score like Kevin Durant.

The first Frenchman to be number one in the draft in June 2023?

Minnesota Timberwolves center Rudy Gobertcame to witness the heroism of his compatriot on Thursday. With a smile, he admitted that he “feels small” next to Victor Wembanyama, who is 5 centimeters above him. On the microphone of the ESPN channel, “Gobzilla” took part in the praise concert: “We are lucky to have such talent, we have not seen an actor like Victor.”

“I’ve known him since he was 13, we knew he would be unique,” continued Rudy Gobert. called for its preparation. Blues for Euro 2022, “Wemby” were forfeited due to injury. The French team can’t wait to be able to count on him as the Olympic Games approach in less than two years in Paris.

Before this meeting, if all goes well, there will be another important moment on Chesnay’s (Yvelines) calendar that will be checked for a while: June 22, 2023, the date of the next NBA draft, the stock market is in that order. The franchise selects new talent to explore the North American league.

Victor Wembanyama is expected to be selected number one. Of course the game is not over and a lot can happen between now and then. And American Scott Henderson, another diamond born in 2004, also has serious arguments to make. But Victor Wembanyama has definitely scored in the last three days. He has a good chance of becoming the number one Frenchman in the draft in eight and a half months.

Calm, contented by this small leap to the United States, the interested party remains complacent despite this cascade of praise. “It’s an honor to have great players talk about me like that, but it doesn’t change anything. I thought it was cool but I need to focus on my goals. I haven’t achieved anything yet, I haven’t.” I played an NBA game, I wasn’t drafted,” he recalled. Actually, that’s true. But sorry: Victor Wembanyama was a hit during this test and the future belongs to him.

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