Steam Deck is available without reservation, official dock is coming –

Steam Deck is available without reservation, official dock is coming -

Steam Deck and now available For buy without reservation, delivery is scheduled in a week or two. That’s not all: Valve also official dock for handheld, also available now.

A few days after it was announced that Steam Deck had sold over a million copies, it was a very pleasant surprise for all users who wanted it. buy console but they were afraid of queues and very long waiting times.

by visiting Steam Deck official site Possible buy now One of three versions of the handset: one with 64GB storage priced at €419, one with 256GB SSD storage and case priced at €549, or one with 512GB SSD storage with anti-glare screen and case priced at €679.

Valve said in a post on its official website, “With today’s order emails, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve completed our pre-order queue. Steam Deck is now in stock and available for purchase!”

“It has been more than a year since Steam Deck was first announced. From day one, we faced various supply chain issues and component shortages. As our team worked to meet demand to resolve these issues, we implemented a reservation system. This system allowed. so customers can book a queue without having to worry about updating pages, fighting scripts, or colliding with bots.

“The team worked hard last year to resolve material shortages and logistical issues, and thanks to these efforts, we are producing and shipping Steam Decks faster than ever before. Despite the ever-increasing booking rates, we have been able to exceed our target shipping estimates and as of today, finally the queue. We’re done.”

“However, there is still a limit to our production, order processing, and shipping capabilities. If the volume of orders for a given Steam Deck model grows beyond our ability to ship it on time, delivery estimates will stretch. We need to reset the booking system until we can keep up again.”

“As before, the customer queue will be saved and an email will be sent as soon as the order is ready. As soon as we have received and fulfilled all pending reservations, we will return directly to order acceptance mode.”

“We are happy that we have reached this important milestone and will send all units as soon as possible.”

The official dock has arrived!
With 3 USB-A 3.1 Gen1 ports, a USB-C port for power, DisplayPort, HDMI, and a Gigabit Ethernet port, the docking station has all the connections you need. This is the best way to connect your Steam Deck to power, two external monitors and any number of different peripherals.

If you don’t mind having the official docking station, you can use any other USB-C docking station or hub. The work we’ve done on SteamOS to make the Dock perfect for the Steam Deck also helps improve compatibility with other third-party hubs and docks.

As with the Steam Deck, the dock is subject to the same transport and shipping capacity limitations – if the volume of orders is too high, we will reset the booking mode until we can continue again. We are happy to finally be able to deliver the scaffolding to customers’ hands. Thank you for your patience!

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