“Reactor designed in Bolzano Bellunese”

"Reactor designed in Bolzano Bellunese"

BELLUNO – Until 2016, he dealt with civil and criminal law at the Belluno Court. So the passion for science completely took over. now a lawyer Fabrizio Righes recognized as an expert in condensed matter physics international.

LAB First participation in a national conference in 2015. Until the very end, this summer he presented one of his reactors, born in Bolzano Bellunese’s laboratory, on the ground floor of the house where the lawyer lived. All this considered, then in reality the device was developed in Milan – explains lawyer Righes –. The aim is to find energy starting from the hydrogen found in water: Eni is also working on a project going in that direction with the same purpose as mine, but focusing on the hot nuclear fusion system. While the solution I propose is simpler, it is an expensive system that requires energy to run. It consists of a reticular hydrogen trap. In short, it is the addition of hydrogen to a metal.“.

ABROAD This device was demonstrated during the conference Organized by the Anthropocene Institute inside mountain landscape California: The aim is also to find alternative forms of clean energy through total decarbonisation.» Explains Righes. Righes joined with a certificate signed by Carl Page, co-founder of Google. In fact, two of Fabrizio Righes’ collaborators presented the reactor “made in belluno”: Bologna engineer Guido Parchi and University of Padua professor Giorgio Vassallo from Palermo“. Satisfaction? “DIR-DIR among the most popular works»The lawyer answers.

FAME Righes shows other certificates. They hang on one wall of the laboratory, silent witnesses of participation in various scientific conferences. One of these “documents” is signed by Theresa Benyo, project leader (principal researcher) at NASA, who praises the lawyer-scientist from Belluno. NASA is interested in using this reactor’s technique, which provides evidence of its ability to work with gas that is difficult to collect and measure.explains Righes. Just as it draws attention from Enea: There is now a need to reinvigorate the industrial and political worlds by announcing that there are promising alternatives that lead to the reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere, that is, the main culprit of climate change.“. In the Belluno lab, between microscopes and electrical instrumentation, Righes is working on other topics, meanwhile: We are doing research on monofilament power transmission.He announces.

CURRICULUM DIR-DIR Looking at the curriculum, it’s clear that physics subjects are more than just a passion. Already over the years 1985-1990 Righes worked on the construction of 10Ghz microwave systems for telecommunications, the construction of telecommunications systems, including digital ones for ATVs, the construction of microprocessor control systems, the construction of the RS232-optical fiber interface. With his articles published in electronic journals, with his signature. We come to the 2000s with the collaboration with the Abdu Salam Institute for Theoretical Physics in Trieste and the creation and development of one of the first fractal antennas with Sierpinski geometry. In the last decade, interest has shifted to nuclear physics research, particularly Lenr and the hydrogen-nickel interaction and condensed matter physics. Some of his work on room temperature superconductivity in diatomic layers of graphene is his.

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