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Onze Mondial’s new issue is in dealers and in our online store, Nantes coach Antoine Kombouare talks about his work as a coach. Especially the opportunity to get back to his philosophy, his hiring, or the precarious status of the coach. Essences.

On his game philosophy

“I like to attack contrary to what you think. It doesn’t necessarily mean having the ball. Ideally we all want to do like Guardiola, but I stopped dreaming. I like having a team that can create danger, go forward, score goals. That’s what drives me. Many have a hard time standing still. I coached the team: Guingamp, Lens, Toulouse, Dijon… When I came to Nantes we are in a difficult situation, we play to avoid relegation. But we are less strong than others so we don’t just have to think about defense. For example, in Valenciennes we were able to create exploits. Until recently we were in a very difficult situation and on ten »

in charts

” Yes. You can, but football today: “What’s your record? “. We’re talking about legitimacy, unfortunately that’s it. Guardiola, Ancelotti, Deschamps have their trophies at home. I have a small record, quiet. But keeping up in clubs like Nantes, Dijon, Guingamp is like a trophy. You set your goals for the club you lead. When I come here and we manage to protect the club, it’s a reward for me. This is practically a miracle. I’m doing my job. Afterwards, I’m happy because I’ve been here for a while and I continue to work, people continue to trust me. The hardest thing is to hold on. A career is judged by time. It is the most important. »

About the certainty of dismissal

“This was the first thing on my mind when I decided to do this job. My twentieth year as a coach, I’ve never had to go to labor court. I accepted the rule from the start: you come and you can be fired at any time. From there, I have zero worries. I’ve been working in Strasbourg for a year and a half, the first season is going really well. Three months later, season two, the team is in trouble, Marc Keller comes to see me and tells me, “We’re asking ourselves questions and we’ve decided to pull the team away from you.” “Don’t worry” I said. I have a contract, you pay me the rest, we shake hands,” he said. And I add: “Thank you for giving me the chance to work, I appreciate it, but it’s up to you.” The main thing is to do things well. Life goes on. I’m just passing by, the job is not mine. I’m trying to make the contract as long as possible and I’m not worried the day it expires. »

in recruitment

“It depends on the clubs. Normally there’s a lot of research on the player, the guy. My view is a technical one. I look at the quality of the player. After working on it, we’ll see what it’s worth as a human being. When you hire, you spend a lot of money, so you have to try to limit the risks.” The main feature we are looking for is whether it will enter the system and win us a match. »

You can find the full interview with Nantes coach Antoine Kombouare on newsstands and in our online store.

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