Need For Speed ​​Unbound: all news

Need For Speed ​​Unbound: all news

The new Need For Speed ​​Unbound showed itself to the world with a very different graphic style from the past: we analyze it together with all the news announced at the launch.

Ask any PlayStation 2 owner what their 10 favorite games of the time are, and it’s almost certain that at least one episode of the Need For Speed ​​franchise will be on the list. Now the king of street racing is about to return with Need For Speed ​​Unbound: it’s due to be released on December 2, and after a hiatus of almost ten years, it’s developed by. Criterion GamesAuthors of Burnout Paradise and NFS Hot Pursuit.

The series will debut in 4K and 60 FPS on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC, thanks to the use of the Frostbite Engine, which will form the basis of a large open world city called Lakeshore. There will be a single-player campaign, multiplayer items and lots of tweaks to fully customize your car.

Need For Speed ​​Unbound is also a tribute to one of the saga’s brightest moments. “The game is all about expressing yourself, taking risks and breaking the status quo with your driving style, creating unique cars, fashion, music and more,” said Kieran Crimmins, creative director of Criterion Games. “We wanted to create a truly authentic universe where players see themselves represented. Unbound’s visual experience redefines expectations with a new art style that brings graffiti to life, intensifies competition and generates adrenaline.”

It wouldn’t be a street racing title without Nitrous: the famous NOS, which injects nitrous oxide into the engine to go faster. In Need For Speed ​​Unbound, this boost will also be given to players based on their driving style to reward unique ways of handling and overtaking corners. The announcement trailer was short and showed very little gameplay, but in this Exclusive to Need For Speed ​​Unbound We’ll try to put together everything we know about the new contender for the street racing crown.

homage to the golden age

Need For Speed ​​Unbound wants to stay true to the series' roots above all else.
Need For Speed ​​Unbound wants to stay true to the series’ roots above all else.

After its release in 1994, Need For Speed ​​has become a true icon of the racing world with Undergound and its sequel (Underground 2), which won over many fans thanks to its sleek and stylish approach to street racing. Unbound wants to be more than ever faithful to those golden times Starting with the game structure: Lakeshore will be a fully explorable open world and feature a single-player campaign expressed with several side missions.

The narrative premise is pretty simple: Players will find themselves in the middle of a feud between two friends after a priceless car is stolen from their garage. The only way to make things right is to win LargeThe most important and dangerous stealth race in the Lakeshore. But the only way to be accepted is to top the city’s street racing scene, and that’s where Unbound’s new progression system comes in.

Not a real Need for Speed ​​without some neon lights
Not a real Need for Speed ​​without some neon lights

To allow players to live the fantasy of playing the role of a real street racer, the new NFS will feature a so-called race-linked race participation system. Purchasing: Entering a race will have a cost in the game currency, winning will give you your money back with a rich bonus, losing will leave you broke.

Winning multiple races in a row keeps you stacked heat (Heat in English), when you reach a certain threshold, you can put a large amount of money into the game in a high-risk mechanic, but you can get very rich rewards.

Guards and thieves

It will be up to the driver to choose how aggressively the cops will chase him.
It will be up to the driver to choose how aggressively the cops will chase him.

Another great source of fun in any game in the Need For Speed ​​saga, chasing with the police Criterion rethought and worked on Unbound. Where in the past the cops were intrusive and aggressive in their search for players, now the developers have created a system where the pilot chooses how intensely the cop will go after him. It uses the same heat mechanics mentioned above: the more the law is broken, the more aggressive the followers will be, but only if the player is looking for a challenge. Then the police are no longer just herds of old Fords: there will be different vehicles, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. We see big off-road vehicles and powerful cars in the trailer: it’s up to the driver to learn strategies to plant them and avoid getting caught. There will also be radar to detect cops early and avoid being chased altogether.

Tuning and customizations

Criterion promises thousands of ways to customize your cars
Criterion promises thousands of ways to customize your cars

Need for Speed ​​is the series in which it is possible to take an old BMW M3 and turn it into a race car that can rival a Lamborghini. Unbound wants to stay true to this tradition and innovate at the same time, taking street racing to the next level. There will be customizations for the driver, but best of all thousands of components, body kit and stickers to decorate your car. Then the classification system of cars will be very similar to that of Forza Horizon 5, with the possibility of bringing your Supra from one class to another thanks to the changes.

At launch, there will be 143 cars passing through Mazda, BMW, Lexus and Ferrari, from the ’63 Beetle to the Lamborghini Aventador. Regarding monetization, no information has been released, except that there will be a few. free post-launch content. The goal is to create a lasting and accessible experience that is also difficult to master.

a unique style

Rapper A$AP Rocky put a lot into the game's design
Rapper A$AP Rocky put a lot into the game’s design

The most compelling aspect of the Need For Speed ​​Unbound announcement is undoubtedly its graphic style, which combines the realism of the latest racing games with a raw approach to graffiti and human characters. This style is also the result of a collaboration with the rapper. A $AP RockyAn icon of hip hop culture who acts as a design consultant, contributes to the soundtrack and transforms into a character with his own in-game event and a special progression system.

To best integrate the graffiti culture into the game, Criterion used an eye-like technique. cell shading: a way of rendering objects in 3D so that they appear hand-drawn. In addition to the characters, this graphic style was used to highlight the most reckless and flamboyant actions of the player, the same ones that rewarded him with a little extra NOS. Leaps, burnouts, drifts and daring overtakes are embellished with comically styled smoke clouds, stickers, and graffiti, like two wings when a car jumps. Most of these may just be decorations for the trailer, not the finished product, but I fans seem to appreciate it The benchmark’s bet is to visually distinguish itself from its competitors, Forza Horizon in the first place.

The two graphic styles seem to mix well in the trailer, but it's too early to pronounce
The two graphic styles seem to mix well in the trailer, but it’s too early to pronounce

Need for Speed ​​Unbound 2 will launch in December 2022 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC via the EA app, Origin, Steam, and the Epic Game Store. EA Play members can also play early with a 10-hour trial starting November 29. But those who decide to pre-order will receive exclusive content, including ride effects, stickers, license plates, artistic banners, stickers, and a $150,000 package for the game wallet.

Need for Speed ​​Unbound stood out with a unique style that promised to return to its heyday, which was also contemporary when it came to racing and progression design. The mix of realism and cel-shading might not like it, but it will definitely give a strong identity to the title that you may not appreciate the dedication to the world of graffiti that has always been the beating heart of street racing.


  • Back to the brightest single player campaign
  • Authentic relationship with the world of street culture and graffiti


  • We don’t know how many tuning pieces will be at launch
  • Graphic styles may not like or mix consistently

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