LIVE – OM: Probable roster against Ajaccio, many changes expected

LIVE - OM: Probable roster against Ajaccio, many changes expected

OM’s probable roster against Ajaccio

Except for one last-minute glitch, the eleven is shaping up for the reception of the Ajaccio red lighthouse at the Vélodrome (5pm) this Saturday.

While Clauss and Guendouzi are forfeited, Tudor must take advantage of this match to breathe some players like Sanchez, Bailly, Harit, Ünder and Veretout. They all started against Sporting and could also start in Lisbon on Wednesday.

Tudor was happy with the offensive trio at Angers and should therefore replace it. The Olympian coach would therefore make seven changes from the starting 11 that faced Sporting on Tuesday. A path that engages the entire workforce, especially some key players in the locker room like Rongier, Payet or Gerson.

Possible roster of OM: Lopez – Mbemba, Baleri, Gigot – Kabore, Rongier, Gueye, Tavares – Gerson, Suarez, Payet.


End of OM press conference before Ajaccio’s reception

Before the duel between OM and Ajaccio at the Stade Vélodrome, Leonado Baleri and Igor Tudor’s press conference ended.

Igor Tudor on OM’s confidence at risk of overconfidence against Ajaccio

“It’s nice to have a full stadium, it’s encouraging because there is a symbiosis between us and the people. Against Ajaccio or Paris, it’s the same three points. We have to be 100 percent, you always have to give the maximum there.” Not 90% or 95%. You must show humility and respect towards every opponent. That’s the important thing.”

Igor Tudor in Dieng

“I have always believed in the quality of Bamba Dieng. He is part of the team. He is one of our three forwards, along with Sanchez and Luis Suarez. Everyone will have time to play.”

Igor Tudor at Baleri

“He has 1-2 games below his abilities. He had a shoulder problem and then he played good games. We got offers and I asked him to stay.”

Igor Tudor at Franck Ribery

“He has always been one of my favorite actors. He has a beauty in the execution of his moves. I wish him success in his journey that will be as beautiful as the ones known.”

Igor Tudor at Nuno Tavares

“He’s a good kid, he’s a professional player. He’s a bit shy off the court, but not on the court. He’s a great player and I think he can improve in some details like when and where he’s good. Play. And if he gets better, he’ll be one of the best in the world.”

About her relationship with Igor Tudor fans

“I always try to be myself and do my job for the good of the team. It’s always better to be appreciated. The season has to be long, consistent and you have to do a good job throughout the season.”

Igor Tudor celebrates with Payet after Harit’s goal

“No, it was just a feeling, a moment to share. When I got back, I saw him very happy and I was happy too. It was a very good shopping moment.”

Igor Tudor about his coaching style during interviews

“This question is a pretty long one, there’s a lot to say in a conversation. I’m trying to prepare something to say to the X players. We have plenty of time to talk before the game.”

Igor Tudor delivers reassuring news from Clauss and Guendouzi

Does he intend to save them against Sporting on Wednesday? “Yes !”

Igor Tudor, injuries and form for Ajaccio

“Mattéo Guendouzi took a hit but not as serious as Jonathan Clauss, we have to get them back against Sporting. Against Ajaccio this is an important game. Even if it’s a trap game against the last one, there are three points to be taken.

The ballerina is over, the Tudor is here

For Leonardo Baleri, it’s over. To Igor Tudor in a few minutes.

Baleri in Champions League and qualifying chances

“Last time I played in the Champions League, we made a lot of mistakes. In the Champions League it is more difficult if you give gifts to the opponent. Sporting gave us a chance. The most important thing is the win. The other two games are good. We have three points and we can consider making it to the last 16.”

About his status at Baleri OM

“I don’t feel like a starter because there are good defenders. I have to push myself to be in the eleven.”

Baleri on winning at OM

“I talked to Bologna, I talked to my family, but I said I wanted to stay here in Marseille. I was upset by those who said that, but I want to play in Marseille, I want to play there. Champions League.”

Baleri in the title fight with PSG

“Yes, I think there is a possibility. We are close. We have to keep doing everything well. They are very strong and we can’t afford to lose points. We have to earn all the points possible, then we’ll see.”

Selection and representation of Messi in Baleri and Argentina in the World Cup

“For Argentines, I think we’ve all dreamed of seeing Messi lift the World Cup in the last ten years. Every Argentine has hope to win the World Cup and Messi will do that. I always hope to be there, it will be hard but hey, I hope Argentina is rewarded.”

Baleri on Mbembe and Bailly

“I listen to them because they are great defenders. So does Samuel Gigot. I listen to everything they tell me.”

Baleri on Tudor’s contribution to the defense

“He’s helping us and that’s good. I already knew that when I was younger. Igor Tudor does the same with his experience. Tudor gives us a lot of advice to the defenders.”

Great start to the season from OM Baleri

“There is no fear of losing. We have to think game after game. We have to think about the Ajaccio game. We started the season very well but the other teams started the season exceptionally.”

Balerie into the role with others

“It’s easier to help others when you’re confident. I have to trust myself first, then help my teammates.

Balerie on Tudor

“I feel better in training. The coach’s confidence is very important. He has helped me a lot at the moment. I know that in Verona he released the yellows and hurt players in the first half. He understood the change he made against Lille, he did not understand that I could be whistled, instinctively at halftime took my place.

Baleri on Haaland’s congratulations and call to come to OM

“A friend of mine from Dortmund. He’s a professional, I like the way he works. I watched how he was and tried to do the same. He’d better come here, he’ll be fine.”

Balerie 3 with his defensive position

“I find myself better in the centre, but when the coach tells me to play left or right, I have to do it for the team. I need to improve on the left and right. I feel very good in the centre.” Good because I have more time to see things and help the team better in my position. I have more control.”

Ballerina in her complex moments

“I feel good now. It’s been difficult because I play for my family and the fans. But this is football. I listen to my family, my friends, my teammates. I feel very, very good.”

Baleri on OM fans

“We are second behind Paris and we have to think about our victory against Ajaccio. To fight for the championship it is important to win. The fans are important to us. It is more difficult when the stadium is empty when the opponent scores. Behind closed doors things were not good. We need supporters.”

Ballerina in his current form

“I feel very good. The last game was very important for me and the team. We needed it. My goal was very important for me.”

Tudor and Balendi’s match will start soon

A few more minutes of patience before I present Igor Tudor and Leonardo Baleri to the press. The Croatian coach and Argentine defender will speak before Ajaccio’s reception at the Vélodrome.

OM is looking to chain a second consecutive success in L1 after a day 9 win at Angers.

Return of the people to the Velodrome

If the Vélodrome stadium was shot behind closed doors on Tuesday evening in the Champions League, Saturday will be too packed for the Corsica team to welcome.


After their win against Sporting Portugal (4-1) in a Champions League behind-the-scenes Vélodrome on Tuesday, OM is returning to their stadiums and spectators this Saturday (5pm) for the day 10 reception of AC Ajaccio. . Ligue 1. Igor Tudor and Leonardo Baleri will hold a press conference this Friday at 14.30.

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