Lidl uses this product for sun protection on the porch of your home.

Toldo low cost de Lidl

The sun is synonymous with life, joy, good humor and tells us that high temperatures are coming to stay with us for a few months. That means we’re making more plans on the street. we have more hours of light per day, we go to the beach, to the pool, everything is great. But what happens when we’re home, we want to take a nap and a sun enters through the incredible window? lidl they have thought about it.

Do you also like the sun when you want to have a quiet meal in the garden or terrace of your home? Because the curtains of the room you bought from a store in the shopping mall or the giant umbrella of the garden do not matter, when the sun hits, there is no one to stop it.

Lidl low cost awning

Fortunately, large organizations such as lidlThey know our needs better than we do and are always, always waiting for our requests. Whatever happens, they’re already taking it out before you think about it for sale. One of our favorite supermarkets that specializes in these types of launches lidl The fact is that the German chain is world-renowned for its quality, low-priced household products. And they will release soon to solve the sun problem at home. low cost awning lidl We believe you should not overlook it.

awnings to cover the sun
awnings to cover the sun

We said Lidl would market this low-cost awning for the home garden, but it isn’t: The article was so successful that within hours of putting it on sale, sold out instantly. So if you go to the store online You will now see a message from this supermarket saying that the item will be available soon. But we still think it’s important to explain the features of this low-cost awning from Lidl. keep an eye on websites because it’s worth waiting for it to go on sale again yesprice and quality are more than convincing reasons in order to do.

Features of this Lidl awning

To let you know a little better about the features of this low-cost awning from Lidl, we’ll start by saying. It is an adjustable awning.i.e. you can place it yourself wherever you want without having to spend a fortune on someone to install it for you, because it brings some money. push extension rodsie it is very simple to assemble as it comes with continuous extraction tubes. As for its size, this device measures 300 × 150 centimeters for repelling the sun, more than ideal measurements. put it on the balcony or terrace. It is very easy to use as it comes with a removable handle so you can extend it or roll it up without complications.

Lidl adjustable awning
Adjustable awning, photo: ©Lidl

By the way, this awning, it only costs 74.99 eurosIt is made of high quality coated fabric, providing incredible shade in any part of the house you want. both water and dirt repellent and in addition, it has great resistance to weather and UV protection It is very harmful from the sun. Add to the fact that at Lidl they take into account the surface on which we will lay their sturdy steel pipes, which include protective covers to avoid damaging the floor as well as offering a very durable structure and structure. Finally, the production materials el steel, polyester and aluminum.

As you can see, for 74.99 euros (less than 100 euros!!!) you can make this adjustable awning from Lidl at home, it is very easy to install and provides a lot of shade. We recommend that you browse their website for the last time. get it again as soon as it’s available for sale.

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